Spring was here today!!!! 4-1-11

 Spring has sprung so many place's, it is alway's slow here but the kid's had fun target practicing outside with the adult men.
I am going crazy without my card for my camera...we are going to try to sell our home and build another one....so I borrowed the card from my camera for our real estate agent  with lot's of picture's of the house...I am so lost without being able to upload...AAAAHHHH!!!! But I will get it back and have new pic's to share.
Oh this sweet picture of a wee one. And I guess we have to have the silly bunny and the easter egg's, never was my favorite time of year or holiday...but I do like the thought's of everything renewed and brand new.

Oh I had to throw in some funky.

To darn cute...critter's reading a book and of course the silly bunny smelling a flower with the darling butterfly.
 Oh I had to throw some bright whimsy in just for fun.

Believe it or not these egg's are turkey egg's....cool hugh!!!!!

 Some more funky spring art.

  darling make believe farm.
 And why not paint some silly egg's.

I'll take one of these darling cat's.

I love this picture of this darling cat PURRRRRR!!!!!!!!
Flower Power baby.

I love the chickie's and the awesome tulip's.
 Isnt this spring fairy just beautiful?

Oh I do like this picture of the bunny.


  1. Deb, it was so nice to see these bright and springy pictures today. We've been having some very cold and gloomy weather right now and just seeing these cuties brightens up my morning.

  2. Good Morning Sweetie...
    A beautiful share today. I love all the beauty that you surrounded me with. I love the picture of the chickies. They are just darling.

    So you are selling your home, and going to build another? Oh my gosh, your home is so pretty. I can't imagine starting over again. I can't wait to see what you build though.

    I am so sorry I haven't popped by in awhile. Almost 2 months ago, blogger took my dashboard, and now shows me following nobody on my dashboard, so I can't see any links, to anybody. Even Google Reader shows empty. The sad part is now, if I want to visit anyone, I have to go back through my posts and find comments left by each and then go to visit. Blogger has made it quite miserable for me. I hope to get back by more often sweet friend. I will remember you are on this Saturday post of mine.

    Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  3. Great springtime photos! Thanks for sharing. It was fun to scroll through. =)

  4. Hello Deb. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Come back anytime for a visit. Enjoyed your Spring time photos and the pics of your home. It is beautiful as are the photos of your family. I too had some weird person making a comment on one of my postings. When I checked out his blog it was definitely something not remotely related to anything I would be interested in, nor for the life of me could I figure out why he would even care to visit my pages. One can never be too careful, that is for sure :)

  5. you are so sweet and i thank you for you support and love my dear! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend!
    You could get it here :)
    Big Hug!

  6. Love the spring and easter pictures, all the daffodils are opening on the garden now, I adore spring!

    How exciting selling and building a new house! Keep us informed on everything Debbie, I love houses/property :) I have actually wrote a book called 'Diary of a house move' which is on line if you want to ready it, full of ups and downs when we sold and bought a house, it's on www.authonomy.com and if you search Diary of a house move, you should be able to find it, excuse the swearing in it!!

    Loads of love
    Bee happy x