Cute Stuff. 3-29-11

So cute...I had to share.
Love this....I ought to invest in something like this...because of all the birthday's we celebrate at my house....some body thought I catered parties!!!

I love Jordan Almonds...dont you?
Cute little hand towel's although I would never dry my hand's on them....too cute.

It seem's like bird's and butterfliles are the rage.
Too cute.

I dont know about the pink poodle ( maybe a pink pony).
Alway's need a pen...cute case too.

Oh I alway's wanted a teepee when I was little.
Tweet little folder's.

I need to make one of these for my mouse pad.
Oh I need to just get with crafting again, I have had so much on my plate it would be a nice break.
Have a great day all my friend's.


  1. Hi my dear!!! Hope all is well!
    Super duper cute stuff!! :D
    Lots of Hugs!

  2. Great finds! That teepee is too cute!

  3. These photos are great, they really are so cute! :) Love the spring colours.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Looks like a very pink birthday...such pretty things!

  5. Love the folders, pens, and tent...actually, I loved all of it. Thank you for visiting Brambly and your sweet comments. I'm happy to have you as a new friend. Take care.


  6. Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. How lovely, colourful and bright your blog is - I shall stop by again soon!

    Julia x

  7. I remember when my daughter was the pink poodle age... sure miss it! (But I love this stage, too!) Thanks for this beautiful blog and for following my blogs!