• My sweet little mom died June 6,2014.

I miss my "Grandkid's" they brought so much joy to me. 4-29-13

 I miss my grandkid's, they brought such joy every day...never a dull moment. Above Tommy,Waylon,Autumn and Rylee got in the dirt but Miss Kiara observed from the porch. Rylee riding her bike with her lovely homemade hat(my clown).
Darryn getting kid's to clean the yard.
Kiara saying her part at her school play.(Sweetie)
Rylee is in the foggy picture doing her school play.(Yeehaw)
Rylee made a bouquet of flower's made out of paper.(She is so smart)
Lazy Sunday afternoon with my beautiful girl.
Oh Mr goof ball. I love that kid.
Project's all the time.
Sunday Siesta.
See how the grew. They tell me they have grown even more this last year.
Only one time I said for wearing this silly hat. (I did it for the girl's)
We have gun's and know how to shoot them.(Dang right)
Machine gun Tommy. (Powpowpowpow)
Oh poor Cocoa had to endure the dreaded tea hat. (Oh Rylee roo)

"My Guy's". 2-7-13

 Well I had a strong feeling to have our photos taken in September ( Me and my sweet hub's and boy's) I'll alway's call them the boy's just cuz I'm their moma.
 Well this machine is what is keeping our Dustin alive...cant believe his will to live!!!!!
 Oh Dustin my hero...so glad to see you every day.
 Dustin usually spend's most of the time in bed, but we got him on a good day.
 Med's &etc... Whatever it take's to stay alive Dustin will do it. He has an Iron will.

You are my "Sunshine" (Dustin) 1-5-13

I have been gone for awhile...but so busy.
We got Dustin home the 21st of December and he spent Christmas at home. I have picture's but for some reason my computer wont let me in my picture's.
Life has changed alot but Dustin is home where he is happy and with loved one's.His health seem's to be on the improve but he is still so weak. But he still has a great smile and attitude.
I took all my Christmas decoration's down today and oh it feel's so clean. There is a time and a season for everything...it is fun to put the decoration's up and also a relief to put them away for another year.
I hope all had a very happy holiday.
Sending love your way:)

Dear Dustin!!! 11-27-12

 On October 18th our world changed.....Dustin was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance....every test was done trying to find out why he was talking out of his head(Co2)had built up inside him.
Early the next morning the hospital called and said they were getting no response, so my husband and I went to the hospital.....in the ER they tried three time's to inabate him and finally a weak heart rate....he was then life flighted to Utah Valley Hospital and put in ICU where he ended up with a trach..
 Dustin and Darryn (Soul Mate's) This is ICU.
 He alway's smile's....what a champ.
 Moved to a specialty hospital where he has been for a month.

He aint heavy He's my Brother.
This is probably the hardest chapter of our live's....my sweet son can no longer talk to me in his beautiful baratone voice...but he can mouth word's. We are so lost with him in the hospital.
We are trying our best to get him home for Christmas....Please pray for him!!!!!
I have missed you all.
Sending love your way.
Love Debbie:)
I guess I will just have to hang in there till my computer get's fixed tomorrow...My boy's are nice enough to let me use their's.

Well Miss Kiara will be 10 year's old this Wednesday (She is the short one) my sweet girl I hope you have a Happy Birthday!!!
I cant believe the grandkid's have been gone for almost four month's.....I miss them so.
I sent her a birthday package and I sure hope she get's it.
Today is my dear brother John's birthday I hope he also has a good day.(He's the best.)

It look's like Fall has really hit us...it's cool today (sweater wheather). I alway's hate to see summer end but I do love the Fall and the Winter for about one week....oh well that's the season's for ya.
Love sent to you all.
Love, Debbie:))

AAAHHHH!!!! 9-20-12

I am so sorry for not following some of you but my computer is being very weird and wont let me on any site's or blog's AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....HOPEFULLY I WILL GET IT FIXED.

I can recieve message's but cant send, oh I am so not computer friendly (SMART).
So in the mean time have a great day,night or whatever.
Love from Debbie:)