"Weekend at our house". 10-03-11

Dustin and Darryn out sunning themselves on Saturday...winter is around the corner at our house. I said yesterday which was Sunday (cant Sunday and Summer be extended?) Hub's informed me it cant.

This little guy was sick all weekend...today he is on the improve (thank goodness) I alway's feel so bad for little one's when they are sick. Tommy is usually the most active boy, but this weekend he was out of it for awhile. Never liked having sick kid's...but it is part of growing up.
I will get the camera out and take some pictures of all the grandchildren....Hub's has had the camera for his car part's( he email's pictures to edlebrock) he is restoring a 1964 Cheville, cant wait to go cruising in it.
Have a great day or evening.
LOve from Debbie:)


  1. A great shot of Dustin and Darryn in the sunshine. I went outdoors for a while this afternoon and just stood in the sun, feeling its warmth and thinking of the snow that will be flying in a few weeks.

    I hope Tommy is all better soon.


  2. It just breaks my heart when the little ones are sick. Glad he is on the mend though.
    Oh yes enjoy the nice weather, before you know it....winter ;(

  3. I am following your blog and would like to say...YOU ARE AMAZING...

    Stay warm and stay happy
    T.D and Company.

  4. Glad you are enjoying the last of the sunny weather, it's the same here :) your hubby's car sounds great, it would be so cool to go cruising in it with some great tunes on the stereo ;)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Fall is here! We are enjoying cooler weather and that is nice! Hope the guys all find something fun to do inside when it gets to cold to be out and about! Enjoy your day my friend, HUGS!

  6. I hope the guys have some more sunny days to enjoy before the winter sets in. Hope Tommy is still feeling better too. Hugs

  7. Nice that the guys got to get some vitamin D! We have had beautiful weather, but I am not going to hold my breath, that it will last. Poor Tommy, I hope he's all better now, he does look a little pale.

  8. Hi Debbie! I so know how tommy has been feeling...It sure is no fun at all being sick.
    I still have my runny nose and cough but on the mend at least the worse is over :o) I just caught up on your posts, The boys look well and seem to be enjoying that sun. The weather has gotten so nice now and I know your not looking forward to cold and snow but I LOVE the stuff...LOL! ;o) Your home is beautiful! and all that wide open space, it looks like pure heaven. I was supposed to stain the porch, deck and gazebo this year but one thing led to another and never got it done, my home looks terrible :o/...there's always next year. We lost a lot of our tree's and some plants due to the crazy weather the last year so my yard looks yuckie!.... Have a wonderful day friend! Hugs Jennifer

  9. Hi lovely lady.
    I'am so sorry its been so long.
    We have had some beautiful weather the low 80ths right now. I always love to come see you and your family. looks like the sun see keeping you all happy. I hope you all have a great week
    XXOO Diane