Oh what a day for a day dream!!!! 9-29-11

Our dog Ferggie is such a character...yesterday she was out in the wood pile in the back of our house trying to get a squirrel. She was biting the wood to get to the squrriel....we laughed at her, but she was insistant that she was going to get her squirrel.

Lucky she didnt get the squirrel, it got away and she chased it and banged her head on the old coop.
Serious stuff...biting a piece of wood.

Cocoa our other dog laid down after trying to help her partner in crime, she was pooped, it was hot yesterday for a September day here in Utah.

Isnt she just the cutest?

Yesterday I tried to take some pictures with my new camera of our beautiful landscape...I didnt know how to zoom in till hubby showed me...I will try again so you can see our beautiful view. I love Fall with the color's so vivid although they have faded alot. My hub's got me a camera the other day and I was so excited, now I can show you more thing's I talk about.
Some view's of my house...the grand kid's talked me into decorating for Fall/Halloween.
We have alot of plan's on the yard but hub's is alway's so busy that we have to wait...hopefully the wheather will hold up. But I looked at the wheather last night and it look's like rain next week (Ahhhh).And maybe hub's will get the old Christmas light's off...you know your a redneck when...if you get my drift.
We want to put some grass in the back and make a three foot wall around the patio, plus pour cement in front and back, I'll keep my finger's crossed.
Hope all of you are having a delightful day. Love from Debbie:)


  1. Such a beautiful home and I love the land that surrounds it! The porch is decorated nicely. Hope you can take some more pics to share with us! Take care and say hello to the family! Hugs!

  2. Your dogs are so cute and sound like so much fun!! I love your house it is amazing, the style the colour, when can I move in? Glad you have a new camera so I can see what you see :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    PS I am having a giveaway if you pop over to my blog :)

  3. Your dogs are so cute and sound like so much fun! I love your house it is fantastic, the colour, the style, when can I move in? Glad you have a new camera so I can see what you see :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    PS pop over to my blog I am having a giveaway :)

  4. Wow!! These pictures are great! Your home is gorgeous. Cocoa is adorable! It sounds like she and Lucky had a real good time searching for that squirrel. Lucky squirrel! I am looking forward to seeing more great pictures from you. Hugs

  5. Ferrgie and Cocoa are both cute dogs! Glad Ferrgie didn't get the squirrel!

    Love your views! Can remember having mountains around when we lived in Montana and I liked that. Now it's hills and trees, hills and trees.

    Cool flower beds! Nice house!

    You will get the hang of the camera, although I like the pictures you have shown!

  6. Your home is beautiful.
    My daughter would go nuts taking pictures of that old car.

  7. Your dogs are beautiful and the scenery surrounding you is awesome. You have a lovely home!

    I have a new camera too that I am trying to get the hang of.


  8. I love the front view of your house. I'm so glad that you got a new camera. I was thinking lately that I wanted to get a new camera too. Any suggestions as to which one I should get? Your pictures are lovely. You'll be taking many pictures coming up of the season.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  9. Your pictures are beautiful. Oh and what a beautiful home. I know how you feel we went through the same thing when we built our home. Now I want to change things up a bit. Got to keep the hubby's busy. (hehehehe)

  10. You have a beautiful home Debbie! I would love to get into that wood pile and make some picture frames!

  11. ciao una casa da sogno .. complimenti di cuore auguri baci lù.