The Fall. 7-27-11

Well today my Darryn feel about five feet to the floor off of his hoyer lift.....his home health care nurse dropped him...I called the ambulance and he went to the hospital with neck soreness (I was so scared) he is okay...the hand of God was with him all right's he should have cracked his skull or worse, he hit the metal on the hoyer lift and it was free falling because he has no strength to buffer the fall like we do. I really am so glad he is okay.
I dont know if I have told you what my Darryn,Dustin and my little grandson Waylon here goes. They have Muscular Dystrophy (Duchenne's) They are Jerry's Kid's or were(Jerry Lewis is stepping down from the telethon....God bless him.) My boy's (I know they are men but will alway's be my boy's) have done so good, we all marvel at them even the doctor's cant believe their age and health. Dustin is 28 and Darryn is 23, little Waylon is just begining, he is 3. They have brought such love in our family....some one mentioned to my Daughter, oh my heck your family has so many problem's, it seem's like someone alway's has a problem, my response is (God must have some grand design for all of us.) but really who's test is it?????
I feel like life has really kicked me in the butt this last couple of year's, but there is a reason to everything someone told me...I just need to hang on or endure to the end.
I feel like alot of my friend's from the begining of my blog dropped me because of my religon belief's and or my problem's I have had.....thank you to my good friend's who alway's comment and are there for me no matter what. (So really who's test is it ultimately?)
I feel we are all brother's and sister's and there is a grand design for us all. I love you all.


  1. Oh my goodness, yes indeed thank God Darryn is OK. How scary...
    I hope he is feeling better and resting at home now.
    I think God gave these boys a wonderful and strong Mom...
    Really big hugs, Elizabeth

  2. Ever so glad to hear Darryn is ok! Blessings & a bit o' sunshine!

  3. Hi Debbie, You have a wonderful family and I'm so glad that Darryn is doing ok after his fall...God has a plan for all of us, sometimes I wonder what his plan for me is. Perhaps one day I will know. I have noticed while blogging, sometimes people don't blog as much as they used to and sometimes they close their blogs or comment much less. I don't think it's because of religion or because of the problems you have had....we all have problems and I like to think at times we all need a bit of religion to...I like visiting you and find you to be someone I admire, you have such strength and compassion and so much love for everyone. God bless, friend. Hugs, Jennifer

  4. Glad to here Darryn is doing ok after his fall. Your family seem so lovely and close - and thats fabulous. lots of love xx

  5. Glad to hear Darryn is okay! It's so scary when our loved ones get hurt. There is a reason for everything, although we don't know what it is, and may never know, everything works out the way it should. These things just make us stronger, and ready to face the next challenge. You are an amazing lady, and I admire you even more now. Take care my friend, I'm not going to go away...I'll be right here :)
    Love ya!

  6. Hi lovely lady.
    I am so happy Darryn is doing OK now. I was coming out of the dollar tree stores yesterday and held the door open for a lady. which I do all the time this is just me. And she said God Bless you ~~~so sweet of her we need all the blessing we can get !!!!
    I hope you have a great weekend with your lovely family...
    XXOO Diane
    God Bless You.

  7. You are a courageous, sweet person with a big, big heart. God knows you have a lot on your plate--you are strong and He'll deliver on your prayers. Sometimes we can't stay around or connect to the people who treat us insignificant--God wants us to move on and be with those who inspire us. My heart and prayers are with you--you inspire me. Have a blessed weekend.