Lady Bug's on Parade. 3-6-11

My grandson just turned three on Friday but we are celebrating next Saturday at Chuck E Cheese( my hubby say's can I get a burger before we go) men!!!!! But my daughter is now planning my grand daughter's birthday....she will be one on June 15th, and I'll bet you can guess the theme will be lady bug's. I saw these and thought you might get a kick out of them...they are so cute. I love the lady bank...her eye's and cheek's are so darling....I just hope her older brother who just turned three wont be grossed out....He Hate's bug's, even little lady bug's, I laugh at him he is so funny about them, when he see's a bug he say's oooh lug....he cant quit say bug. Oh the funny thing's kid's say and do.
My other grandson Hate's flies, seriously he is petrified of them ( he better learn fast here being a country boy not to tell anyone he is scared of flies) oh I'll just get him a big fly swatter if we ever get Spring Or Summer it has been a long winter for sure. But I will survive.
Love to all of you dear blogging friend's.


  1. A little boy who dosen't like bugs? That's adorable!
    Thankyou for following my page :)

  2. Hi Debbie
    Love the ladybirds, so cute. The weather was warm here yesterday and we had so many ladybirds out sunbathing, it was great to see :)

    Hope everyone has a great birthday, don't eat too much cake though! Thanks for putting my picture on your blog your so kind and wonderful.

    love Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. When my granddaughter was little she loved ladybugs, too. I don't think she does anymore, she's almost 12! I love the ladybug items you chose, and the bank is adorable!

  4. They are so adorable and sweet Debbie! I too, love the lady bug bank and I also agree with you that I am not fond of real lady bugs when they get into my house!!!

  5. Cute ladybugs! I found a little lady bug Easter basket for grand baby #2. She will be 2 in July. They are so much fun!

  6. The lady bugs are so cute!! What a great idea!!

  7. Hey...just wanted to stop by while I had the chance. Every time I see a lady bug I think of my sister. She was an avid gardener...and one time she "snuck" some ladybugs from my uncle's garden to "transfer them" to her garden at home. (She was a youngster.) She was feeling so "guilty" from thinking she had stolen the ladybugs, she confessed to mom. After she passed away suddenly at the age of 22, mom and I smile every time we see a ladybug. It makes us think of her, and sometimes we feel as if she just may be thinking of us too--that's why God let us see a ladybug. :=:o) (that's supposed to be ladybug smiley.) LOL