"My Parent's". 1-09-11

The Song the little bird's sing really brighten's my heart.....My little mom remind's me of a little song bird....wow she used to belt it out...but hasnt sang in year's.
My dad is the rock in our family.....a goer and a doer....he has helped so many people in his eighty year's on this earth....he had surgery two month's ago and cant get over it....It is taking a toll on him.
My beloved parent's...my best friend's in the world.

 My parent's are our biggest fan's...they have supported all of their children, grandchildren and great grand children ( Waylon is the baby on the couch with grandpa talking to him.) Waylon has touched all of our heart's....he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. He will be three this March and has a sissy who is seven month's old...(Autumn). On the couch my dad upholstered when he was 77, My sweet mom (Fern) me, my wonderful dad (Chad),Waylon, my son in law Chris and my lovely Danielle, with Dustin sneaking in on his wheelchair.

My parent's are really struggling with health issue's, my dad had surgery,they over medicated him, and I really was scared...he was talking out of his head.Got that fixed but he cant regain his strength. While taking care of my dad my mom had bad knee's that need replaced and now her hip need's replaced. She was only 5' and now I think she has shrunk to about 4'8.".....she is so tiny. I am 5'8" and tower over her. They are both so depressed it just sadden's me. (But I will stay positive...that is my life time resolution).
Life take's so many twist's and turn's, I really get lost sometime's in down thought's...but something will happen to brighten my day....like my friend from Church just dropped by one day to tell me that she missed me....or a bird will sing a lovely tune, or I'll get tickled just watching my little grandchildren and marvel in their huge capacity to Love and Forgive. My dad used to sing to me (It's Such A Pretty World Today...look at the sunshine, today and every day since I met you.) Ditto dad. I was the baby of the family (still am) and had so many fun time's with my parent's,fishing,camping,singing and just being together.
I hope all of you will love and cherish your parent's while they are here....the best bond is with loved one's.There is a song that I love.....(Teach your children well...by Crosby,Still's,Nash and Young).  I cant hear it without crying...listen to it sometime.
Love to all and thank you for all the get better wishes....I am lot's better now.


  1. Your love for your parents shines through this post! I wish mine were still here.

  2. What a touching tribute to your parents! Your Mom is so beautiful!

  3. hey my dear!
    just send me your info on how to log in again so i can change that for you. :)

  4. Oh,
    I am so sorry to hear about your parents health. It is so hard when your loved ones get sick and it changes them. I will keep you and your parents in my prayers!
    I also wanted to say thank you for becoming a new follower on my blog, it is such a pleasure to meet you. Your blog is just lovely!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend.