I am "BACK".

There is my daughter under the tree with her precious baby (my grand daughter) Autumn....and my son in law Chris holding my reluctant grand son Waylon. This was the day Autumn was blessed.
Alot has happened in three month's. I am recovered from my deep depression. I found out I am vitamin D deficiant, I am on the highest dose of vitamin D, and it is helping alot. I am so sorry if I offended anyone.
I am on the far right in the light green blouse, by my sister,mom and my Dustin.


  1. yay my dear you back!!
    missed you!! and been worried about you!!
    Look at you precious little granddaughter!!
    what a blessing!!!

  2. I'm so happy for you that you have found what you needed to get yourself out of your depression. I not idea a Vit. D deficiency could cause depression. Very interesting!!
    Welcome back!!
    Ladybug Creek

  3. Welcome back. So glad to hear you are feeling better!


  4. Good to see you posting again & big Congratulations on the birth of your DGD. :0)
    Glad you've got to the bottom of the problem... hope you go from strength to strength. :0)

  5. Welcome back to blogland.:) I am glad you are feeling better.

  6. Hi Dee,
    Beauitful family and adorable granddaughter. Gld you found out your D deficiency. I had "basement level" my doctor told me last year and was on prescription mega doses for about a year. It did level off in the desirable range and am now on over the counter, much less dosage D. I get checked next month to see how well that has done.
    Sending hugs and prayers your way,

  7. What a beautiful family you have, Glad that you are feeling better and I hope you enjoy the holiday season to the fullest! :)

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