Summer day's and woe's!!!! 6-27-12

Well summer has a hurry as usual, we get short summer's in my neck of the wood's.
I made some cookie's last week or so and wanted to show you the cute dishcloth my sweet swister showed me how to crochet...I've been crocheting alot lately (she gave me the will to create again).

We are being threatend by fire this summer....already and it isnt even fire season. This photo is of the Mountain's North of our house about 10 mile's away. They evacuated the town north of us (Fairview) and they are only 7 or so mile's away....this morning it look's better than the photo.

A beautiful little bird showed up at our house and hub's took some good photo's of it.

Beauty is all around us up here in the Mountain's valley.

This is east of my house just over the mountain.

Really kind of scary to me but I hope and pray they get a handle on it before it come's down the mountain. Oh my sweet hub's alway's working....he provides for his family and work's at home in the yard so hard to make it beautiful. ( I think I'll keep him:) Thirty three year's we have been married this coming Friday. (June 29.) Glad we stayed together.

Here are some of the thing's I have crocheted....the flower's were fun.
Hope all is well with all of you and you are enjoying summer:)
Love from Debbie:)


  1. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary.
    I hope the fires stay away, it must be terrifying. I hear in some areas thousands are being evacuated from their homes.
    Do you know what sort of bird that is, it is very pretty.
    I have never been able to crochet, so I am impressed.

  2. Your crochet is so pretty. I would like to pick it up again sometime. We lived in Southern California at one time so I know what you mean about the fires. So scary. I want to wish you a Happy Anniversary. We are coming up on 34 years. We have good guys.

  3. An early happy anniversary wish for you and your husband!

    Stay safe.


  4. When I saw you had recently written, I was so pleased ! It made the end of this day quite special to see it!!!.. I do hope the fires don't cause too much trouble for you and the others.. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, you must be doing something right to have so many years together!! I hope your daughter has a loving time with her family this summer and that the meeting in august well go well..and that your boys and other daughter are doing well too.. God Bless you all, Janzi

  5. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary, praying for you.

  6. Hi Debbie!!! What an eventful start to your Summer! First off, I pray for those that have been evacuated and I pray for you and your family that the fire get's under!! I live in California, but I grew up in the Sierra foothills, so definitely no stranger to fires, a scary thing for sure! Second, Happy Anniversary, what a wonderful an exciting thing to celebrate and for so many years, congrats! I wish you and the family a delightful Summer! Xo, Ashley

  7. Oooh....Happy Anniversary early...what a celebration. Your scenery (other than the fires) are beautiful around your home. I hope they get a handle on the fires.

    Happy Thursday.


  8. Hi Debbie, I am one of your followers from Redding, Ca. I know about fires, too. In 2008 we were surrounded by fire for 4 months. It was the summer we never saw a blue sky. Horrible. My sister lives in Colorado, near Boulder. She's safe but the air quality is horrible.

    I'll be keeping you and your family in my prayers and keeping a watch for your area fires.

    Take care and have fun on your anniversary!


  9. Dearest Debaroo...
    The crochet work is beautiful! I wish we were still sitting there doing it together! I hope you have a great Birthday today....I did not tell was that little birdie :)....and Happy Anniversary tomorrow!
    I pray the Lord to keep you all safe!
    Swister Vee

  10. The yard looks great to bad were not there sitting in the yard like we always have done in the summer times before. Happy birthday my sweet mom

  11. Oh I also want you to make me some too please :)

  12. Hi there,

    Gosh, it is so sad and scary, all these fires. I hope you all will be safe.

    Happy Anniversary!

    Take care, Janet W

  13. So scary with all of the fires! Stay safe dear friend, HUGS!

  14. I remember reading your blog while I was on vacation, commenting gave me fits from my iPhone! So here I am checking on you and letting you know that I was thinking about you all! Hope the fires steer clear of you guys! Happy Anniversary, I have a keeper too:) HUGS!

  15. Happy Anniversay - its the same day as my birthday! The little bird is beautiful - do you know what it is? Lily. xxx

  16. Just stopping by to say HI! I missed this post! Darn it! Have a blessed evening dear friend, HUGS!