Sissy(Autumn) had a "Birthday". 6-21-12

 Sissy had her second birthday....She wanted blue cake (my daughter put cinderella on with a blue dress). She had so much fun . The cake turned out so cute, my daughter was so worried. Her birthday was June 15, but we celebrated it June 16 the day before Father's day.
She was due on my birthday....but the doctor's moved the date, but she is my June girl.
Grandchildren bring so much joy to us.....Sissy make's us all smile.

Sissy loved her cupcake and ice cream.
Waylon said let's get the party started....he had present's too!!!!
Sissy loved Waylon's red truck better than the tea set...(she's a clicker that one.)
My beautiful Sissy(Autumn).
My mom ( sissy and Waylon's great grandma) loving her grandchildren.....what she love's best.
My life is so hecktic lately that it felt good to just smell the flower's a day with loved one's.
Hope life is treating you all from Debbie:)


  1. Happy Birthday to Autumn. The cake is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful cake, beautiful little girl.

  3. Hi Debbie! what a cutie Autumn is :o) Happy Birthday! Birthday girl! The cake looks so pretty and yummy too! I hope your doing well, it's been some time since I posted a comment but I have stopped in to visit when I have had time...there just doesn't seem enough time in a day anymore...or is it that I'm just slowing down..LOL! Have a nice weekend friend! hugs Jennifer

  4. ╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱
    ♥ O/ ♥
     /.\ ( ) ( )

  5. She certainly looks like she is enjoying that cake. Lovely pic of your mother with the children.

  6. Happy Birthday to Autumn - hope you had a lovely party! Lily. xxx

  7. It sure looks like it WAS a HAPPY Birthday! What a precious little one! Have a blessed day dear Debbie, HUGS!

  8. They are Peel babies look just like Nelly and dad how cute. Good job on the cake Nelly. I'm missing my baby waylon he's starting to look like Tommy in a way but they are cousins. Just want to squeeze and kiss Autumn. Miss my grandma too she is always sweet and loves all. Miss you mom love you

  9. Buon compleanno !!! Un saluto dalle sisters

  10. Awww....Autumn and all! Love the photos and wish I could have still been there. What a sweet day for my sweet family! I miss you all!
    Swister Vee

  11. Man, I noticed you had 999 followers and I signed up so I could become 1000 and win fabulous cash and prizes! But alas I already was a follower, so your ticker didn't go up! Your grand daughter is a jewel!

  12. So glad you took some time to smell the roses! We all need it once in a while...soothes the soul.
    Take care

  13. Just ran across your blog and I'm your 1,000th follower!!! I'm so excited to help you reach that incredible milestone. Great postings!

  14. How gorgeous she is and I loved the cinderella cake. Your mom looks like she is on cloud nine too. I love building family memories like this. What a blessing.