Prayer's are needed!!! 2-12-12

 Well hopefully my prayer's have been answered....My daughter is filing for divorce. This weekend was dramatic for my grandchildren and daughter...her soon to be ex flipped out on all of them(he was so high on drug's)...the children were so scared and my daughter kicked the ex to the still scare's me that she is still living in Vegas untill she can get a place here(I hope she will stay with us) prayer's are needed again my dear friend's
Bring her home safely to her babie's.


  1. OH, so sad and so scary!

    Blessings and Bear hugs — lots of both in the midst of this mess.

  2. I will be praying that this situation will have a Happy ending for the children and your daughter! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS and Prayers!

  3. Prayers for your daughter and all of your family.


  4. Oh I hope things work out soon! It has been so painful for all of you!

  5. Hi Debbie,
    I am sorry to hear these sad news.
    I let you know that I am here for you,
    and I'll be praying for your dear family.
    Anyway, have a Happy Valentine's Day
    with your loved ones, Debbie.
    God may bless you all!!
    Poet Starry Dawn.

  6. Oh Dear! That certainly is scary news! I'll be saying some prayers, for sure.

    BTW, thanks for "following" my blog the other day. I'm sorry I took awhile to come and "visit" you back. :)


  7. Praying! I have a son, 41 years old, who is a drug and alcohol addict. I know the heart break so I will pray with you that she will have the strength to carry through! And for YOU!

  8. Hi Debbie, Thanks so much for following my blog! I'm your newest follower as well. I'm happy to meet you!
    I read your post about your daughter and her kids and I pray for them. I know all about this kind of thing; it has occured close to home (a sister of mine, her ex has tried to break her and we're praying that she stays strong)I will be praying for your son as well. Us flawed humans; we have so much pain and fear that we're all trying to deal with; just in different ways...
    everything will be okay,
    much love and support,
    Jenah xo