What a day!!! 1-09-12

Oh what a sweet little boy who has so much to go through in this world......today was the last of the testing for him, he will offically be in a Special Ed day care....how heart wrenching for his parent's...oh I remember the pain. How do I support my sweet kid's?
I have so much heart ache and pain tonight...I dont understand alot of thing's. I feel like my family is barely hanging on anymore. I have one daughter who simply walk's away from her children and another who is  there for her babie's....also my Dustin is not feeling well this evening and I am tired.
Today is almost gone....Tomorrow will be a new day.
Love to all.:)


  1. Hi Sweet Friend, I'm sorry you had an upsetting day. Take a little break and have a nice hot cup of tea, things will look better in the morning. Have a goodnight~hugs Jennifer

  2. Such a sweet picture ~ made me smile:) Hoping his special ed class will give him all he needs to improve and do well; special ed teachers are angels on earth!

    Wishing you good things to come, sweetie:)


  3. Here comes a HUG thru the computer! I am sorry for the pain! Hope today brings new possibilities and a brighter day!

  4. You have a lot on your plate and you will find the strength to support everyone who needs it. With the special ed day care, the sweet boy will get the services he needs as will his parents.

  5. I hope things begin to get better for you all. I will help you pray for that.


  6. You have every right to feel tired. Be sure to take some time for yourself, too. Prayers and (hugs).

  7. Thanks for your sweet comment about my layout. Yes, I go to Fairview, Utah twice a year. I have some wonderful friends whom I have scrapbook retreated with since 1997. We used to go to Pine Valley, Utah. but since then one of the gals from Las Vegas area, built a house there in Fairview. I love going there very much and love my time spent there.

  8. Sweet little guy, I hope all goes well for him in special-ed daycare, he will probably love it.

    Sorry things are giving you troubles, maybe things will get better soon.


  9. You know if you need anything, or just a helping hand once in a while, the Relief Society is just a phone call away. It's what they are there for...not just that once a month crafty meeting. Things will get better!

    Big Hugs!