Ending of Summer. 9-1-11

Alway's bitter sweet to see the last crop of hay bailed for the summer.

Looking at this scene take's me to the sweetest memories as a child (fishing the boulder).

My husband and I with our little children saw this magnificient view one time (Grand Teton's).

Ahh nothing like the sound of the quackie leaf's blowing in the breeze.

Getting my feet wet...and maybe a slip here and there on the shore line while hubby fished.

Yes enjoying the dog day's of summer...we had a dog like this one, his name was Skippy, what a wonderful dog he was.

The lovely butterfly.

Growing up I had a best friend and we were inseprable (our live's are so different now).

Growing up I alway's had a cat. MEOW!!!

I love the bright yellow brillance of the sunflower.

And of course the fantastic sunset's...they alway's remind me of my favorite Aunt who bless her heart has been gone for awhile (Paint the sky dear sweet Aunt Norma...till we meet again at Jesus feet).
God be with you!!!


  1. What a lovely post! I love the children and the dog - beautiful!

    Waiting for the end of summer here, still 97 here, ugh!

  2. The photos are beautiful Dee. I too hate to see summer end, It has been so very hot and humid this summer that I think I am ready for fall. No snow though.

    I hope you have a peaceful weekend.


  3. Lovely pictures. Hope you are okay and things are better. Thinking of you! Luv

  4. Beautiful pictures to say goodbye to Summer! Thanks for sharing your memories!!!!! Hugs

  5. Gorgeous post today!! There is something so soothing and comforting to me about the water. Especially running water! I also love the mountains very much. Love the bench photo, it reminds me of me and my best girl!

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