Thankful. 8-16-11

Oh how I love this man....I am so thankful he has stayed with me through all my up's and down's. Most men would have ran away as fast as they could, but this dear man has the insight of a very wise man (He is my sage).
His niece's funeral is Friday not a day we are looking forward to....she was such a sweet girl. We watched her and her sister when we first got married and they were such fun girl's.....very good memories.
My daughter is on the mend after four day's at the hospital...she has also found out alot of thing's that will be helpful in knowing why she has been so down...her iron is way low and her vitamin D level's are also very low. Hopefully we will get our old daughter back, and well to boot.
Thank you my dear friend's who pray for me and my are also my family.
LOve from Debbie:)


  1. Some of us are so lucky to have a husband who is also a best friend. Someone who has been by our side through thick and thin. I'm glad your hubby is that for you. It makes such a big difference!

    Sounds like your daughter just may be a new person very soon. That is very good news! You know I have the autoimmune stuff going on, and something about it depletes my vitamin absorption. I take a ton of vitamins along with my other meds everyday. I have to take 2 iron tablets, and 2 vitamin D, and many others just to stay balanced. I have even had to have an iron infusion. It's like a blood transfusion, but with iron. I hope this makes a big difference for her. Take care my dear and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I am thankful to have a good Man too:) I am so happy to hear that your daughter is on the mend! I have had low iron many times in my lifetime and it seems to be doing good as I got older! I will continue to pray for your daughter and for all of you as you go thru the sad times with the funeral!

    Prayers and Hugs coming your way!

  3. It's great that your daughter is rebounding, lack of certain elements can really mess your body up!

    It is sad, to lay to rest, someone so young. I am sorry for your loss.


  4. Does my heart good to read this post. My husband was like that and I had him with me for 50 years until his death. You can never tell them too often how much they mean to you. I am glad your daughter is doing better!

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