Kindness!!!!! 7-2811

I have been following the tragic new's about Amy Winehouse and my heart ache's for those left behind....why? What could have been done?  It really is a sad thing that drug's can grab us and take our soul. She was a talented, gifted and messed up girl.  I know the effect's of drug's and how it rip's a family apart (my daughter).....I can only hope and pray that she will be safe with her drug addict husband. We have tried endlessly to help him and her for that matter. I dont know the attraction she has on him or the hold he has on her.....but it is real. My little grandchildren have been victim to this horrible thing called (DRUG"S). So kindness seem's to be the only answer....heaven know's I've had every other emotion with it. (ONLY KINDNESS) then God can do the rest.
Peace be with you all. LOve,Debbie:)


  1. You always hope the afflicted one will come to their senses. HOPE! Too often it ends in tragedy.

  2. Intervention? Would something like that help? Do what you can to save your daughter. It would be far worse to have regrets if nothing at all was done. God Bless You, and your family.