The Day Is Tomorrow. 7-25-11

Well the day is tomorrow little Kiara get's her tonsil's out....she is the brunette. I have stocked up on popcicles,ice cream and creamies, I hope she will be okay. I really never had to take a child to get their tonsil's out....I guess I was lucky that way raising my little brood. But the second round seem's to be alot different...maybe because I am older (Who know's).
Keep her in your prayers please or your thought's if you dont pray.
Love to all. (Debbie:)


  1. Sending prayers little kiara's way! your in my thoughts to. Hugs, Jennifer

  2. Thinking of you and the little darling who gets her tonsils out tomorrow. Our little 5 yr. old niece just had hers removed, too. Take care, Debbie. I'll be praying!

  3. Will send up prayers for sweet Kiara and for you. Hugs for both of you!

  4. I'll be thinking of you all, hope everything goes ok, bet she'll enjoy all of the ice-cream :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. I work for an ENT doctor. Just follow the doctors advice you and she will be fine! No ibuprofen and lots of liquids and soft foods. My youngest was 19 last summer when she had her tonsils out. She kept an ice pack on her throat and she was fine. She took her meds and ate every 2 hrs. no matter how much it hurt! CHewing gum is good too. No bubble gum but soft gum cause it helps strengthen the muscles.