To Love A Child and Forgive!!!!

This is my DeeDee who has been through hell and back...she is a fighter, see her fist's are ready to fight and that she has. I am proud of the stride's she is making to get her babies back...(although I will have an empty hole for awhile without them here). My family is the best thing in my life above anything. I could make all the quilt's in the world but would never have the warmth I have found from my dear sweet children and family.

May God bless these two and help them find the way back to their babies. They can do it they are the come back kid's....only stronger and wiser. I love you my little girl and treasure the time's we have had together...I am trying to be like Jesus and be the forgiver not the punisher. I am going to keep praying for you my sweet girl. I love you!!!!


  1. Praying with you and for you all. Hugs

  2. My Dear Sweet Friend, you sound as if your heart is broken in a million pieces. We can feel your pain! Please know, you are in our prayers and we pray for yours. Life sometimes deal us blow on top of blows, but we have to be strong and rely on our God to give us the strength to muster through it all. Put your trust in Him and no other! Thinking of you...Luv Loretta