"Sweet Deliveries". 5-5-11

I hope you all can read my blog post. I really dont know what is going on with it....This is a package that I got from my friend from England..."BeeHappy" Oh I love every single item, I hung the heart on my wall with the beautiful England Flag. Oh she is so sweet.

I have the sweetest little buttons on my items and I love every thing oh and I have a tag that say's made in "England".I love all of the item;s.....thank you dear friend.

Another package I have wanted for ever...my hubby let me order them....I got three free gift's for my order...cool hugh? Now I can cross stitch for a long time.

Another sweet little package flew in my home, I caught it and had to take some picture's to show you how small this little package was. Beautiful little back with a square type rust color on it.

Look at that tiny little beak...

In awe at such a wonderful downfall of such bounty. My cup runneth over....it truly does.
Dear Anne I have got your gift's ready to send I hope you will enjoy my dear friend. Love to all. I have been held up a bit....I landed in the emergency room last week...I had went to the doc for some water pill's...I was puffed up like a balloon, so he gave me lasix and something else that ended me in the ER, not fun to react,  but I am getting back on my game some what. Love to all.


  1. Hi lovely lady.
    I love the gift from your dear friend how sweet of her. Im hoping you have a Happy Mothers Day sweet lady. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments ~~You are a sweet lady.

  2. Nice gifts. Hope you are having a nice week. Hugs

  3. awwwwe! what a sweet bird, I don't know what kind he is though. I love cross stitching too! what a great set you got... aren't husbands the best :o) I'm working on a lavender and lace angel. your friend sent you such wonderful gifts....Have a nice week! hugs, Jennifer