Oh beautiful Di...gone to soon. I think she was a class act. She got married so young and to a toad to add to that. I hope the new royal's will have better luck than Diana did. 
I wanted to post picture's of my grand children but my camera think's it is a video camera...need a new camera A.S.A.P. and to add to that I cant put color on my blog title (white on white) not very stylish....my design blog is just giving me a problem...I cant change my blog title or my any thing ahhhhhhh. And to boot I am computer unfriendly. I see so many cool blog's.Sorry mine is so drab.
Hope all is well....I have not heard from many friend's lately. Love to all.


  1. Well, you're hearing from a friend right now! And, you would have heard from me sooner had I been around!

    Sorry things aren't going well for you right now, but I'm praying all will be All right soon!

    Hugs and I'll be back to check on you soon!

  2. So hope that Life is treating you much better now. Very nice new stash - enjoy! :0)

  3. Your blog is perfectly wonderful. I think this blogger can be a giant pain sometimes! Giving us all fits! Stealing our posts, refusing to upload our photos! Argh...You should meet Cat. She is a great designer of blog headers and such. She is very reasonable too! I love the buttons she makes. Hope you have beautiful weather where you are. Anne