Ta Dah Finally the Blog Celebration Gift's. 4-21-11

Well here is my blog award's.....I have nine item's for some lucky winner.
1.LED light's shaped like butterflies....(maybe for a deck or patio)
2.A butterfly pick to put in your garden.
3.A butterfly wind chime.
4. A dragonfly wind chime.
5.A butterfly picture.
6. A jar of Ande mint's.
7. A china egg.
8. Lotion.
9. Liquid soap.
I hope you will like these gift's. All you have to do is comment on why you would like them and then comment again to tell me you commented. Then I will draw a name like I alway's do and then announce the winner.
Love to all.


  1. Greetings from the UK!
    So nice to see my button thank you!
    Thanks for inviting me over!
    Why would i want to win your giveaway? Well I see you have a lot of Butterflies there, well Butterflies have a very important part to play in SIBOL. They are sort of a trademark for us. When ever I give out Sunshine Blankets to the Elderly in Nursing Homes I also give them two Crocheted Butterflies. I have been told they hang them on thier zimmer frames. I do this with every blanket we hand-deliver. I can see your blog is very popular, I'm amazed at over 500 followers! Wow! Some visitors!
    Have a lovely day Debbie, carry on the good work!
    Love Suex

  2. Glad you are feeling better :)

  3. Hi Debbie....Glad you are feeling better. And how nice of you to have a give away....I love to do that too! It truly is more fun to give than receive. Glad to see some lucky person will win your goodies. Happy Easter!

  4. Hi Debbie!
    Nice to hear from you again too and what a nice and generous giveaway!
    I love your Easter images that you have posted. I was driving this morning and decided to take a back road, a scenic farm road that I had never taken before. I drove up over a hill and right on my right was a white farmhouse with a yard next to the road, a fenced in yard, and there under gorgeous oak trees was a flock of sheep just laying around in the drizzling rain.

    I almost wrecked my car looking at them in all their beauty and immediately, I started saying my prayers out loud. I love the lamb symbolism in the Bible. I started getting choked up they were so sweet looking!

    Next time I will take a camera. May have to get permission from the farmer!

    Happy and Blessed Easter wishes to you.

  5. What lovely items your are offering for your giveaway. I would like to enter to win the giveaway as these little items could help spruce up my little stress filled time I have been going through. Nothing serious but really, just some big decisions I have had to make on my own. You are so kind to have visited my blog and know too that I am a follower now of your blog and will explore it further very soon. I have to catch up with everyone while I have been taking a much needed blog break. I love crochet and crafts, blogging and all of the people I have met and continue to meet. Thanks again, for being so kind.

  6. Thank you for inviting me to your giveaway and for visiting me! :o) I like butterflies and the lights would look nice in my gazebo while listening to the tinkling of the chimes and snacking on a cool chocolate mint after a long day of gardnening and adding the beautiful garden stake...yes, of course I washed my hands with the hand wash and put some lotion on so my hands wouldn't be dry BEFORE I snacked on the mints. After along day, going inside and enjoying the butterfly picture hanging in my outdoor themed family room and the egg sitting pretty on my side table....I'm wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter! Hugs, Jennifer

  7. HI Debbie:) Thanks for your kind words..you made my day! And thanks so much for becoming a follower of mine..another joy to the day!
    Please include me in your giveaway. The reason I would love the goodies your gifting is hmmmm...lets see..I love windchimes..and recently I found a pattern for butterfly fridgies and am now addicted to them. They take up just about every inch on my fridge. Hope you have a great weekend! Take carexxxx

  8. If I read your post right now that I told you the "why" I need to comment again to tell you that I commented :) If I misread please forgive me! Thanks so much..xxxx

  9. oh my goodness that is an awesome giveaway! Thanks for asking me to visit and enter but you had better not put my name in it as it will cost you a fortune to send to Australia!!

    I do love dragonflys though so you picked well :-)

    Hope you are having a lovely Easter .

  10. I commented on why I like the gifts :o) have a nice easter Hugs, Jennifer

  11. Hi Dee,
    What a wonderful gift pack. I love dragonflys this time of year, so that would have to be my favorite :0)

  12. Hi! Thanks for always posting on my blog. I wish you a very Happy Easter. Keep on blogging. My husband loves dragonflies - so I hope I win!!

    Linda Leyble

  13. Hello, thanks for your visit to my blog.eu also really enjoyed your blog will be seeing more often.
    Happy Easter.
    a hug.

  14. Hi lovely lady. My comment why I like your give-a-way~~~ I know your gift was put together with Love sweet lady.
    I hope you and your lovely family have a Great Easter. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my Easter Tablescape sweet lady.

  15. What a fab giveaway, loads of stuff! i would like to win as the butterflies would be great in my summer house with the chimes in the garden outside :) Hope you are having a great Easter and are feeling better.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  16. It all looks wonderful! How fun!!!

  17. Your giveaway looks awesome! :)

  18. happy easter. wonderfull gifts. hugs from Italy

  19. Hi lovely lady. I love all your Beautiful give-a-ways~~ I know you put a lot of love in your Gifts.Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my Tablescapes so sweet of you. I hope you are doing Great for Easter with your lovely family.

  20. Hi! Coralie sent me your way! I love dragonflies. What a sweet giveaway! I am following you now! I have not wona great giveaway in a long time. I really enjoy all the treasures you added here. Who would not want this? Come visit soon. Anne

  21. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking Bert :)
    Your right he would make a good ornament, I never thought of that!!

  22. This is a sign from Giod I think! I have not won a giveaway in a loooong time and I am a butterfly and dragonfly collector! This will be so cool on the patio this summer. Pretty summer lights. I am with you though, I love the wonderful friendships we make here. There is nothing like it! Thank you for being my friend and allowing me a chance to win. I am a happy winner! Hugs Anne