I got a mouth full!!!!! 4-13-11

Really I have so much to say and post I have just been ran to death lately....my mom went in for emergency surgery last thursday night and I have takin my dad to see her three time's, it is 140 miles around trip...I am beat. She came home today so I hope thing's will slow down a bit so I can get all my thing's done....and say what I want to say about my "500Th" follower give away....oop's it look's like I lost one follower...so I have 12 to go. Stay tuned....I would really like to start some kind of blog swap....any ideas? Let me know.
Oh my son and I saw a cotton tail in our back yard today...I thought oh good maybe we will see some green and spring (NOT A CHANCE) it's snowing again here AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Love to all.


  1. Hope your mum picks up now she's back home, I always think you feel better at home than in the hospital! You're so close to 500 followers, well done!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. I sure hope your mom is feeling much better! It's always hard when a loved one is hurting!