Guess the "British Food's"!!! 4-9-11

Okay all you follower's...I am going to ask you all what you think these "British Food's" are??? If you know please comment...because I dont.
3-"Bubble and squeak".
7-"Joint of beef".
8-"Poor man's goose".
10-"Spotted dog".
13-"Toad in the hole".
15-"Tweed kettle".
16-"Bath Oliver".
17-"Brandy Snaps".
18-Cornish Pasty".
19-"Lancashire Hot Pot".
20-"Reform Cutlet:.
Good luck!!!!!


  1. I know some of them.. 1 banger - sausage
    3 bubble and squeak- fryed cabbage, onions and potatoes, leftovers. 6 Haggis. is like meatloaf but cooked in sheeps stomache.7 joint of beef - roast beef. Syllabub- fruit and craem whipped together. Toad in the hole- sausages cooked in a pan of yourkshire pudding.Tifle a layer dessert with fruit, pound cake, custart and whipped cream...Bath Oliver- is a cake. Brandy snaps- chispy cookies with whippping cream inside..Lancastshire hot pot- a lamb stew

    Hugs wendy

  2. Sadly one of the images didn't show up for me! Alas, I do not live in Britain but I visited London a few summers ago and absolutely loved it. :)

    I've heard of Cornish pasties but never had one before. I did have sausage pasties though, and they were sooooo delicious.

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  3. this post made me laugh! i am English and live in london but know only what some of them are..
    Cornish pastie is shaped like a D and is pastry with beef potatoe and onion inside.
    Spotted dog is really spotted dick - which is a suet pudding with currents in it. (and really nice despite the name!)
    Bath oliver is a type of biscuit i think....

  4. Thanks Debbie!
    I'm so delighted you like it. No, I don't have one at Etsy~! ... Maybe I should check into it! I do have things on Zazzle & Redbubble!

    Check your site out warching you!

    Hugs, Debbie

  5. Hi Your blog is so cute! Bubbles and squeek is a fave of mine! It will be yours too! Mashed potatoes with peas folded in. Some put cauliflower too. It is tasty! Haggis is the parts of a sheep that include:stomach, heart tonge and liver..I'm Scottish..Trifle is heavenly layed dessert of cake, pudding and fruit. What a great post.have a great week! Sunny109

  6. Banger - sausage

    Toad in the hole - bread that you cook in a frypan, and you cut the centre out of using a scone cutter or something, and you crack an egg in the hole and fry it up.

    Trifle - dessert with the following things cut up and mixed all in together - sponge cake of some sort, jelly, custard, fruit, whipped cream.

    Brandy Snaps - like a stiff biscuity type thing rolled up with a spiced flavour and cream in the middle

    Cornish Pasty - pastry triangle with chunky beef, potato, turnip & onion inside.

  7. what a great fun post Dee and thanks so much for finding me and following my blog.

    I love bubble and squeak and think I know most of your list too, except Salmagundi and Tweed Kettle - I haven't a clue and will go and google them now!

    Look forward to following your posts in future

    warm wishes


  8. I'm with Wendy, I know these but not sure what the others are! Spotted dick is really good with custard :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. Um, you got me there...the only one I really recognize is haggis, and I'm under the impression that it's some sort of sheep meat cooked in the actual pretty sure if all of them are like that, I'm better off *not* knowing! (c: Thanks for visiting, I'm loving the blog...Happy monday!

  10. Hi Dee Thank you for following my blog...What a fun blog you have I love giving to. It makes me happy to make people smile. I live in the mountains of the Catskills in N.y and I have a cottage that sits on 10 acres I sharewith a gerd of 23 deer a unnt, a red fox, a family of hedgehogs and an intermitten bobcat. I love wind chimes and especially butterflies and dragon flies.I love how the butterfly changes into something beautiful out of something unique though not beautiful to the eye. Thank you for sharing your kindness and whimsical spirit...God bless and feel better may God continue to wrap you in His loving embrace Patricia aka Greeneyes Layrs of the Heart

  11. Hi Dee Just letting you know I posted a comment God Bless Patricia