Neat little diddies.

I found the neatest website calld the red evnvelop....Look at some of the neat treasure's I found.
 I love bottels of any sort for holidays...these are unique.
 Whe I was sixteen my old boyfriend bought me a bracelet like this one with my name engraved on it, I love it....I wonder what I did with it.I also have alway's wanted a locket....I keep leaving hint's for my husband, Maybe he'll catch on.
Cute idea I thought...I love puzzle's.

 Or send a love note in a bottle to your honey.
I love little chinese take out's...but a purse too cute..hugh.

Way too cute, a locket evelope....I want one.
Well thank you to all my sweet new blogger's I enjoy chatting back and forth with you...yes this is my main blog. I have been so busy this week I couldnt wait to just come say hi....I am painting chair's taking grandkid's to school, meeting new people to help take care of my son's,counseling (which is going so awesome) and just lot's of catching up. Well  off I go again to help my son's and to go sign the grandkid's up for school lunch, and get prescription's filled....never a dull moment. I have some craft's I want to share that my daughter and I made for Valentine's....a little late but what the heck, we'll have them next year.
Talk to ya soon.


  1. Hi lovely lady.
    I love your new post sweet. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my Blog sweet lady.
    Keep leaving hint's for your Husband abouth the locket !!!
    I hope you have a Great Day tomorrow !!!

  2. What sweet pictures! When I was young I always thought that St. Valentine was an invention of the shops to increase revenue .... now I think it is a wonderful time to remember how old I take my family and showing love ..

  3. You're right, such nice things on this website.

    Don't forget to make time for youself in your busy schedule!

    Bee happy x

  4. How cute! Sounds like you have a busy and blessed life.
    Donna v.

  5. Hi lovely lady. I love the Beautiful Gift's from you Debbie and the lovely card!!! Just came today. I did have some of the Chocolate Hearts for lunch so good !! ~~You have a big heart you know !!! I hope you have a Beautiful Day with your family~~~~ Thanks one more time !!!! xxoo

  6. Hi! Thank you so much for dropping by my simple blog, and becoming a Follower. I hope you come back.
    You might be interested in "Washday" in my January posts. These wintry days I seem to be in a looking-back mood.


  7. I'd leave hints to get that locket too! Cute V'day ideas.