I am sorry for waiting so long in life to be me....maybe I will be able to find me sometime, someway or someday. I have given my all today and will go lay down and rest hoping morning will find me rested and not sorry.
 If you look deep inside your inner child so many thing's come to mind....the wanting to just be a child. No expectation's just wanting to be. The wanting to be someone's child to be loved and cared for....like my little grandchildren...why I ask does life hurt so some day's and cloud our true senses for awhile...I long for peace of mind on my family matter's and the strength to carry it through...I hope someone will pray for me and my family...Thank you Bee Happy and sweet Diane at Tablescape's,you help me hold on to the hope of new friend's.


  1. Hi

    Glad we're friends :)
    Keep your chin up, something good always turns up, even if you have to wait a while.

    Bee happy x

  2. The blog is very good!

  3. Hello with big Dee! I am new on your list among the followers! Made me very happy to see you coming into my friends circle!
    We have lot of happiness, laughters to give away! Welcome! Love: Julia/Blue Bird :)