Out with the old and on to the new!!!

 My poor kitchen table is sanded down to the bare wood...some have told me to just put a clear coat on it...but I will suprise all of them by what we can do to this family kitchen table...stay tuned my blog friend's.

 Here is my honey prepping the table ( he does this in his job, so he is very fussy) I dont mind!!!
 Oh my little miss Rylee Roo sanding her little heart out on the base of the table...hard little worker,
 Oh master Thomas didnt like this job to much but he did give us a nice big smile for the camera.
Little Kiara Bear gave it her all on those kitchen chair's....she sanded like a pro. Good Worker.
Oh it's Darth Vador....no I think it's my husband...oh yes it is my honey spraying the first coat of colored laquer...I didnt know there was colored laquer...learn something new every day hugh???
Oh  I cant wait to get painting my little thing's on around the side's  of the table and the chair's. Hope you will all like it.....it's closer than ever now. I am excited!!!! Stay tuned.


  1. Hi there,

    What a beautiful home you have, I love it. I especially love that muted green colour in your dining room and the garland treatments above the windows. My home looks smaller than yours so I've painted it white but I am trying to get more symmetry in my arrangements of furniture and lamps, as symmetry is so elegant.


  2. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    Bee happy x

  3. Hello!

    I noticed that you came up as a new follower of my blog and I wanted to stop by to say hello and meet you. I am also following you back! You have a beautiful home! Your husband is very talented making those kitchen cabinets, they are gorgeous! This table is also going to look amazing. :-) Looking forward to getting to know you better. Have a wonderful afternoon!


  4. I agree with Sharon...your home is lovely and I love the green in your dinning room. You and your husband are very talented with a good eye for design. I look forward to seeing the finished table. Dee

  5. A family sanding project, how wonderful.