Oh it is soon Valentine's and I havnt even taken my Christmas decoration's down outside(Slacker) I really cant get with the program this year....all of you are so busy and your blog's look so nice.
I really used to get into all the holiday's ....when my children were at home I never missed one holiday. I really need a boost so I can do it for my grandchildren.

I found some cute picture's I thought I would share with my blog friend's. I hope I can get with it and show some homemade item's....all my grandchildren want valentine boxes....I would love any idea's if you have some. I did this for so many year's with my children and they loved it.
Well I hope you are all having a fine Friday.


  1. LOVE vintage valentines! What a lovely blog.

  2. OT: but Hubby made the cabinets? Ok, I am officially jealous. ;0 They are beautiful!!