Oh I Feel So Frustrated!!!!!!! 1-27-11

I have tried so hard to change my blog...I get the template and then I cant get the header to cooperate with me...I have my blog name but not inside the header...AAAHHHHH!!!! I wish I knew a little more about the computer and the blog. I will just keep trying. I hope you will stay patient with me.
I really admire the talented blogger's who put picture's on their header's...etc..etc...Oh I am just so aggrivated with myself. I will plug along...I hope my blog isnt to boring. I do love all your comment's and thank you for all your compliment's on my home, I love hearing those thing's.   Oh and I hate this shabby blog block over my post's...do you all see it too? I hope it goes off by the end of the month.


  1. These themes for blogs can be confusing! I am an advanced beginner with them. I can change my themes and colors but I still can't center the picture at the top. Maybe you would have better luck with the themes blogger provides. Good luck :)

  2. I agree with Sharon! I'm also learning hands-on.

  3. Hey! I can help you! Email me! I do graphics. I think I can snag your banner and insert your picture. `No charge! ♥ Dale

  4. Think I clicked out too soon and my coment didn't go through.

    I always have problems when I try to make a change to my blog!