I am tickeled pink!!!

I won some really cute boot's on "Glimpse" I am so excited about it....my little granddaughter will look so cute in them...I never win anything. This is so cool to me.
These darling find's I found on "Free Pretty Thing's For You"...cute cute.
Love this fan!

A beautiful runner.

Fun bread or roll holder.

Post it note's (Really)

Sweet hankie.

Oh what a lovely parasal.
I really have been so busy lately but I alway's love to check out the blog's they really make my day.My blog is being a pain in the royal hind end...I have a background by shabby blogs and need to change it before the end of January...I have been trying and my friend from over at FreePrettyThingsForYou...has been trying for me...I really am computer illiterate, so if you see shabby blogs on all of my posts I really am sorry and hope I can get it fixed.
My project I wanted to start was my sewing/craft room will be put on hold for awhile...Hubby said we need to paint the kitchen table and chairs first...(Bummer) but I have had the kitchen table sanded down since November, so I better do first things first, but I will try to at least get it ready .
I have been taking pic's of my home to show to you  all....so today I have really cleaned , to show a clean home. I will be posting soon. You all take good care of yourselves. Oh and I did a few project's earlier this last fall....I will share them with all of you.


  1. Dear Miss D...

    Thank you for sharing such darling pictures. I can relate to you with the too many projects and not enough time to get them done... or wanting to start a new one before the latest on is complete. What's a girl to do? Best wishes with figuring out your new layout with the blogpage designs. It can be a bit infuriating.

    Penny Sue

  2. Dear Dee, I left a comment about the Versatile blogger award. I'm so sorry for the confusion. It was Dee at Dee-cluttering who had given me the award. Sorry for the odd comment. :o)

    Too many projects? That is my middle name!! I'm sorry about your problem with Shabby Blogs. Have you visited hot bliggity blog? I've used their backgrounds but I have to say that Shabby Blog does make the most beautiful extras.

    Have a great week..and have fun with those projects. :o)

    Donna @ Comin' Home