"WHAT IS REALITY?????????'

What is reality I ask myself????
This is reality, the people we love and who loved us have passed on, the grave stone's are the reality!!!!
Is this reality??? I could say so, men who fight to keep this country free.
I felt of no worth in the relationship with my husband, and kept trying to find a reality of our marriage and it almost was the death of me. So judge me or not. I dont see any blog's recently that I said I was getting back with my dear DH. So my dear TR I really dont know what you are talking about???????I want a mind of worth not one that is told what to think or how to live, only by divine inspiration or by my doing's, I thought that is why we are here on earth to choose our path's.I finally have the courage and it feel's so nice. Please dont begrudge me of that!!!!! Oh I did read my post you refered to as getting back, the only thing I can see remotely to getting back is that I said I was in love with my new grandchild. Sorry if that misled you!!


  1. Hey you sound much happier and more free. I like watching the "NEW" you emerging! I bet you are finding that there is so much that you can do for yourself without the negative vibes. You go girl!!! I am glad that you had a happy 4th. Thmini2 (Teresa)

  2. A friend of mine once quoted to me.....
    "To Thine Ownself Be True".

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  4. Great to read such upbeat posts.
    Being yourself, walking your own path & always speaking your Truth is the best way to finding lasting happiness - & anyone begrudging that really needs to look at their own lives & motivations first. You go girl! :0)

  5. Hi, I am visiting my blog friends today as I have been absent from my blog for awhile. I pray all is well with you as you start on another path in your life. Remember you never walk alone. The Lord is with you as is your blog family. How is that sweet little grand baby doing. They grow so fast!

  6. thats a really wonderful blog you have!good to see and love to come here again!take care!nice one!