Shower for Danielle & Autumn!!!

This is the shower I had for my daughter on May 21. She had such a great turn out, there were 19 in all.
This is Melissa a good friend of my daughter's and her sweet friend Ashley, and of course my pretty pregnant Danielle holding her friend Liz's baby Arielle. Liz has a flower in her hair.This is Cheryl and Jillian.My little mom and Lori.Jennie, Rylee and Darian. Anette & Barb are hiding. Geisla and Aunt Marless.I cant remember the one on the end. Tessa & AshleyI had all of them write little Autumn a letter.Alot of nice gift's. Didnt get a picture of all of it, we were too busy. The pen's the lady's wrote with were the thank you gifts. The letter to Autumn I started with my grandson Waylon and thought that in maybe 12 year's they might like looking back at what people said about their parent's etc.... I also had every one tell how they met Danielle and tell something about her, it was a fun fun day!!!!!!!


  1. Great pictures!! Looks like everyone had a nice time!!

  2. Looks like you all had a lovely time. :0)