Baby Shower Planning.

Planning a baby shower for my daughter. Autumn Fern will be here in 5 week's. I am so excited to hold her.
We have decided to do a flower theme.With flower invitation's.
For the thank you gift's we are making flower pen's. The refreshment's will be strawberry lemonaide, miniture cheesecake's(with sliced strawberries and half a grape on top to look like a flower.And alot of pink balloon's with a couple of homemade banner's. I will take pic's. I have blanket's to finish (HURRY GRANNY) This will be so nice to hold a brand new baby.


  1. Oh how exciting! It sounds like it will be a very lovely shower :0)

  2. What a lovely lovely name 'Autumn Fern'...sounds like it will be a fantastic shower :)


  3. Sounds like you are going to give a great shower - good for you to have that now and a new grandbaby.

  4. Oh, I'm excited for you. The shower sounds great and your favors and decorations are darling. Is this your daughter's first? Blessings on all your dear family.

  5. Baby showers are fun and it sounds like you are having a good time with the planning and preparations. Autumn fern is a very cute name and I look foward to seeing pictures of her.:)

  6. You poor dear, you have been through so much! Big hugs for you...
    I am so glad to hear that you and hubby are working things out (life is never easy) I think sometimes the hard times just make us stronger..
    Prayers came true and your sweet son is back home with you, I do so hope he keeps recovering.
    But on a very happy and blessed note a new baby in the family will bring you all such joy! The shower sounds lovely and I can't wait to see pics.
    I may not be able to write or post for a while, since Gary and I are right in the middle of moving and packing.. our escrow should close next week. It's been crazy for us working all the long hours we do and trying to pack up our house and get it ready for renters.
    Have a wonderful week, and try to get some rest and feel better o.k.
    Big hugs, Elizabeth