"Baby Madness".

All this baby stuff is making me a mad woman!!!!!It seem's like when mom has a project all the kid's show up, the boy's want to start a new project. The girl's want me to babysit the grand children AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

I finally had to put my foot down yesterday and say, I love all of you but I have to get the blanket's done  and plan for the shower next saturday, they were all very good about it. I got a blanket almost done, the ruffle's about drove me nut's but it look's so pretty. I have the edge done on one of the recieving blanket's.
Then I realize this is our last grandchild, and I am going to love every minute I can, I do love them so, but sometime's I really get a little stressed. I guess that's when we step back and take a very deeeeeeeeeep breath. I will posting my finished project's soon. Hopefully Monday :).


  1. '''''''The girl's want me to babysit the grand children''''''''' LOL
    OH how I can relate to this..stress yesssss.. Ilove em dearly.. but a 1 yr old and
    a 3 yr old are so busy busy busy ..granny is worn out when they leave..
    Thanks on the pony tail Debbie.. looks like your hair is long enough to make a --good-- pony without the fakey (:) hugs,Patty

  2. O How funny I just took the austen test and I am elizabeth too (:) ~!!

  3. I think grandchildren are life's bonus for us getting older. We had our first last Nov. and look forward to every minute we get to spend with her. Enjoy! Look forward to seeing your completed projects. Have a great day. Cathy

  4. Debbie, you must show us the finished project! I know the shower will be wonderful too. Blessings*

  5. Awe...glad you were able to finish your project!

  6. Kids are such a blessing. I had my godson today and had a great time with him, no regrets of what else I could have been doing. THere is nothing better!

    God Bless!

  7. Oh Beautiful blog! Beautiful family!
    I love chickens :)
    Thank you for following me, following you back :)

  8. It is ok to say no once in awhile especially when you have such a busy week ahead. :)I am looking forward to seeing your blanket. I am sure every stitch will be full of love and have a prayer. Happy times ahead!!!

  9. yes.....deep breath my friend!!!

    cannot wait to see the finished creations!!!!

    happy tuesday!

    big loves and hugs,

  10. We all love keeping grandchildren...but sometimes their timing makes me go "what? what did you say? can't hear you?". :) It seems that when we're busy we're really, really busy and when we're not, no one wants us to keep the kids! blessings, marlene

  11. You sound like one great mom and grandmom. Please make some time for yourself, tho.