Inspiration from "deeslittlepinkie".

This post was inspired by a comment made by ("deeslittlepinkie") she said she wished we could all hold hand's and have a cup, we should be young at heart is what I got out of it, and she's right............................

Be like lilttle girl's again and play all day, what would it hurt????Come on girl's let's be happy.
Remember this cute little guy? (IF YOU CANT SAT SOMETHING NICE THEN DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL) Smart little Thumper.Smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But I am safe here to say what I like.You gal's give me the desire to laugh,feel better and believe in myself. Thank you for all the up lifting comment's I really appreciate them so much. I love checking my blog every day (I dont get in trouble here).
Well my sweet friend at "deeslittlepinkie" I will tell you that you need to go into your dashboard and look for the comments and click on that, it should take you to a place where you check the one's you want published. And it will ask you if you want to see your blog. Or you should check all your setting's and see if you have opened the comment's. I know how you feel, Keren at "FreePrettyThingsFor You" had to help me. If you need any more help my email is Good luck sweetie!!!
LOve all my blogging sister's. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm glad that the comments on you blog are helpling.

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. I love to laugh. Especially those deep pee your pants laughs that come once in a blue moon. I would love to be a little girl again for one day and be care free with fairy tale dreams and giggle and belly laugh with my best friend.

  3. debbie! i tried finding the shabby background to deleted b/c you made your blog a 2 column template again instead of a 3 column but i cant find it for the life of me! :(

  4. great post!! and I would be glad to help you out =) just email me your ideas and I will try to make it come to life for your blog =)

    ticklemebutton [at] yahoo [dot] com

  5. What a great post!! =) ... and I would be glad to help u out! just email me ur ideas and i will try my best to make it a reality for ur blog =) ticklemebutton [at] yahoo [dot] com

  6. Yes! Let's have fun and be little girls again! xoxo

  7. Oh, God Love You, Sweetie!! this is so stinkin cute!! We don't have to stop playing at any age, and you have captured it all in these beautiful pix! Oh, I love you!! yesteryear memories are awesome, aren't they? We have beautiful sunshine here this morning, to be near 80 .. I threw the door open to the east when I got up and let the sun come shining in .. then I jumped on here for a few moments and saw you with open arms, just like the sunshine! Thank you, Dear One!! You have made my day more beautiful!
    and now, I am going to jump over to my site and check my settings and should I have trouble, you'll be hearing from me soon!:)
    Thanks for being you!! A big hug from another Dee!:)

  8. What a beautiful post! And I think you're right :) In fact I DID have a great day, my boyfriend and I were by the shore and he was teaching me how to skim stones across the water surface. We must have looked like such kids but it was fun and we loved it ^__^

    Keep on loving life!

    Sarah @