My Swister Is Coming To Town!!!!

My swister is coming for Easter!!!(yes I know I spelt it swister) that's what I call her, she is a little whirlwind from Arizona. We all get tired when she come's to town, so much to do, so much to see, wow she really goes all day long, but she is a blast (what happened to me?) I admire her so much. She is the best sister in the world, she has the kindest soul, she alway's help's and make's sure everbody is well fed. She is also smart,talented and she treat's my children like they are her's. She has six of her own.And has nine granchildren. It will be great to see her. Oh by the way that is her husband Bud.


  1. Have a blessed Easter dear one..I love the pic of your family on the front porch...I'm SO loving your home....that front porch..oh my. Just beautiful..

    Love ya girl..and have a wonderful blessed time of fellowship with your swister..

  2. Have a great time!! Relax and enjoy yourself!
    Happy Easter.