"You Got A Friend".

I feel so loved by all of you dear sweet ladie's, I am so glad you came into my life. It remind's me of the song James Taylor sing's(You just call out my name and you know where ever I am, I'll come running to see you again,Winter,Spring,Summer or Fall all you got to do is call (blog) and I'll be there yes I will "You Got A Friend"). Thank you for renewing my faith in people. I will get through this, and stop the roller coaster.
I have a few thing's I need to get in order before I make everthing finale. I am going to a good lady Doc for some advice. Wish me lot's of luck. My poor boy's love both me and my husband so much, they really have shortened life's, so I need to weigh all thing's carefully. As one of my dear blog friend's said sometime's you have to love the unloveable. And maybe I am unloveable at time's, my hormone's are really out of whack and have been for year's so maybe this Doctor can finally give me the help I have begged for. No man doctor want's to believe I am going through menopause (well so far) and there have been three. But every month I fall apart. When I do there is no talking to me, I get on my roller coaster. If any of you have been there, do you have any advise? I feel so free to say what I need to say to all of you, I feel limitless, I hope that you will all stay with me for the ride.


  1. Hang in there! I am still sending you positive thoughts!

  2. Hi Debbie,
    I'm so sorry that you are going through a difficult time. I'm glad that I did find your blog today and I was thrilled when I saw that you added my page button on here - sweet! Take courage from one of the quotes that's here on your page - To blessed to stress!

  3. Of course we will stay with you. Lean on us when you have to. You just have to rememer the saying you might be just one person to the world, but to one person you are the world. I can see that you are beating yourself up again. You might have some bad days, but I bet the other days you are as loving to your kids as I think you are. It might also help when you are out of the situation you are in right now. The constant put downs can make you doubt yourself and stop you from being the person you really are. Anyway try one positive thought a day and use as a mantra and you will soon be more in charge of your feelings. These are just my thoughts and I could be totally off base of course. But I just have the feeling that you are one tough lady. Hugs, Teresa

  4. I am so sorry you are going through this, but you will cope with everything thrown at you, at times it seem as if we are completely on our own when the chips are down. You sound strong, put a bubble round yourself to protect you. We are all here for you, I hope you find some peace soon.

    Hugs to you, RosieP x

  5. Good luck at the doctors! Women's bodies are so complicated..it could be ANYTHING that is making you hormonal! Maybe you could ask for a blood test? I feel overly hormonal during my "ladies days" and get terrible stomach cramps..so bad that I once fainted. It ended up that I have Polycystic Ovaries...which can affect the balance of your hormones. We all go through similar things!

    Hopefully your problem will be sorted soon...stay positive and surround yourself with positive people : )

    Gemma X


  6. I hope you feel much better soon. It's just a terrible time for you right now. I have to say that I didn't really suffer when I went through menopause - I was very lucky, as I have heared some horror stories!! You must be another - see a lady doctor, at least she will understand! Good luck to you.
    Loveing blessings.

  7. I LOVE that song girl..I sing it every chance I get when I was doing Karaoke..LOL

    And as for unlovable..ALL of us can be like that girl..each and everyone of us have our times...I also know that some would rather put all the blame on the other and NOT accept their own behavior...I'm proud of you for taking yours and looking for solutions, help, and striving to live a healthier and more peaceful life..That IS a good thing...Ya,,you can call out my name, and you know where ever I am. I'll come running,,to see you again...ya,,I'm singing away as I type this,,LOL

  8. I hope you find some answers today. sandie

  9. One day at a time. Do not forget to pray and trust the Lord to help you. He loves You!

  10. My husband said he has been on a wild-ride with my menopause but hey, "stuff" happens. Find yourself a good doctor that specializes in this.
    Good luck Honey..... It won't last forever!!

  11. I think you're doing the right thing, going to a good medical professional. Hope things go well!

  12. Oh Sweetie...
    I am so thrilled that you have gotten you a woman Dr. She can sympathize with you more, understand you better and she will get to the bottom of these problems you have been going through. I will be holding you up in prayer.

    I will also be praying for you to find peace and comfort in this time of change with your soon to be ex. You have to remember our days here on earth are limited, and we want to spend them to their fullest and enjoy life. When things get so uncopable, then you are right it is time to move on. The cruelty is totally uncalled for, and marriage is based on trust and give and take from both sides. It should never be one-sided sweetie. Follow your heart, and continue to pray about it. God will walk you through this, and we will be here to lift you up in prayer and give you all the encouragement that you could possibly want and need.

    Try to have a beautiful Thursday sweetie. Country hugs and much love..>Sherry

  13. Good luck with this. Hormones out of whack can cause all kinds of icky stuff.

  14. I'm sitting down and strapping on my seat belt to hang on for the ride. I'm here. Blessings