Weekend Treasure's!!!!

Okay girl's I just had to share my cute sandals I got at dollar general Friday when I went with my daughter to her Dr. appt. My daughter said (Oh Mom) and I said, awe I like them and want to get more color in my life, she just smiled her gorgeous smile. And they are so comfy and only cost $6.00. Cant wait to post my new colorful life with new looks for Debbie(hehehe).
This was my Saturday treasure, we have a thrift shop here in town that is only open each Saturday, so I went nosing around and found this "Mary Engelbreits Children Companion". I paid $2.00 for it, it was reg. $24.95 wow I was excited. I love a little whimsy in life.It has so many cute things in it. Awe I'm just a big kid at heart.


  1. Gorgeous shoes and lovely book!! Great finds!!!

  2. Oh my goodness girl, you scored BIG TIME.. Oh ya,,those sandles are rocking and that book. I love her books so much..I would have picked up both items too, Thank God I wasn't with you. I could see us having a problem together,LOL

  3. Dearest Dee,
    All I can say is Beautiful and Colorful just like you!!!
    Have a sparkly week!
    Tobi and the Pixies :)

  4. Oohhh love the shoes, really cute, and definately look dearer than what you paid for them! What a great find at the thrift shop, I love them too and get so excited when I stumble across a treasure. Karenxxxxx

  5. I'm a big kid at heart too!!! Love the shoes!

    Thanks for visiting and following me, I really appreciate it. You're always welcome to visit as much as you like and I hope it's often -- LOL!!! Your blog is so cute, I'm getting ready to browse and take a peek around to see some of your creations!

    Have a great day, and...

    I'll be seeing you!

  6. Debbie,
    Nothing to lift a girl's spirits more than a great deal when shopping. Those sandals are just great--and for only $6--what a deal! I enjoyed browsing your blog today and I'm thankful you stopped by to visit me and become a follower. Always exciting to make new blogging world friends!


  7. Wow, I think that's a find for both! You know, I'm really getting into colorful additions at my house. :)

  8. Great treasures. I would love to see the Mary Engelbrits book. I did not know she had one for children...I miss her magazine.