There's Alway's Tomorrow!!!

Well girl's this day did not turn out like I expected............. this morning while I was half asleep my hubby informed me that he had to go to Vernal to work today(It's quit a way from our little town) and I needed to write payroll out early today because our employee needed his check, and I needed to run errand's. So needless to say that today I was secretary. My husband is self employed so I am the GO-FER of sort's. I keep telling him he need's to use his bachelor degree, but that is not him he say's. But he is the best general contractor I know for sure.
So today was kind of not a craft day, but I did get thing's ready for tomorrow(unless hubby change's my day) the only certanity at my house is that it's subject to change at a moment's notice. Kind of fly by the seat of my pant's.(Wawhoooooo)
Well it did give me something to post,and I did take some pic's.
Enjoy!!!!!!My unfinished quilt.I will finish(I WILL)My mom's precious embroidery.(WAITING)Whipped potatoes.We had pork chop's, corn, whipped potatoes and stuffing for dinner.Poor little Ferggie is so sick of this doggone wheather(THINK SPRING).


  1. Dinner looked good.

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. Hey Debbie...your house sounds like mine...things can change in a second!!! :0)

    Thanks for stopping by...I've scrolled down and your blog is amazing...I particularly love your family photos they are beautiful!!!
    Enjoy the day what ever it brings...

  3. Yay for grafting tomorrow!!! Dinner looks delicious!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  4. That's a full day! Love little fergie here!

  5. i am sending off bunches and bunches of sunshine fairies...they are heading your way!!!

    i hope your day tomorrow is all that you want it to be...and more!!

    sending love,