My sweet grangaughter will be nine year's old this saturday March 27,2010. I will alway's remember the day sweet Miss Rylee Paige Mayer entered the world. She has bonded with her grandma ever since, and the feeling is mutual. She is so wise for her year's, sometime's it scares's me. She is quit the little artist, and want's art supplies for her birthday, so I will load her up. I really hope her parent's encourage her with her God giving talent. I have wittnesed great people within my own family, I am so proud.
I hope that all of my children and grandchildren know of my great love for them, and how very proud I am to be able to be such great children's mom & grand mom.
When my children were all small I would read bedtime stories to them, alot of the time we would sing, and the very favorite one was "You are My Sunshine".Oh the wonderful night's laying there watching them fall to sleep. Love to all of you.Okay one of my blog reader's asked me what a silkie is.(I posted last) Well it is just a definition I made up for somethig soft a cuddly for my grandchildren, usually a blanket. I will post all of my finished project's and show you my silkie.
I found the cutest little print's online and couldnt read the whole verse. I could only read. "Why God Loves Boy's", and "Why God Loves Girl's". Oh but are they not the cutest. Well I will end my post for tonight as my bewitching hour has past me by. Love to all of my blogging friend's"Family".


  1. Happy, happy birthday to Rylee!! She sounds like a darling!!! I'm guessing that all your grandchildren are though!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. I sing 'you are my sunshine' to the daycare children while we go for our walks....I too used to sing that to my own children. Happy Birthday Rylee..May God be gracious to you and bless you precious one and make His face shine upon you on your birthday and always..amen amen amen

  3. Happy Birthday to your little one!! May she have a long & healthy life!!
    Happy Spring!!

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  5. Happy birthday to Rylee!!!

    And, of course, all your children/grandchildren won't help to know how much you love them! I feel it in your lovely words.

  6. Your children and grandchildren are lucky you love them so much and I am sure they know this.
    Have a great weekend:)

  7. Debbie, I'm right there with you--my granddaughter just turned 9. What fun and a treasure they are. Please do show us your finished projects!

  8. Just stopped by to have a lookie and what a beautiful blog you have! Looking forward to reading lots more. All children are such blessings. We had our children later in life so as of now I don't have any grandchildren. I've heard they are just about the most precious gifts of all! We do have a sweet little girl of our own that's only 11 and still sweet as can be. Our boys are all grown, but I treat them terribly like little ones :). Thanks for coming by my spot! Blessings.....Shine

  9. Happy birthday to your Rylee- isn't it wonderful sharing grandchildren's lives?

  10. Happy birthday to your grandbaby Rylee! At 9 years old she was might be able to start enjoying crafts with grandmom! Grandmom should get her something fun to work with her on together. Steph