Happy Birthday Dustin!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUSTIN!!! It was my oldest son's 27th birthday today,all the kid's and grandkid's but our oldest son and his son (our grandson) were here tonight. In the picture is my oldest daughter DeeDee,Dustin and my grandson Waylon.Waylon loves to tease Aunt DeeDee. My sweet grand daughter Rylee is holding our dog Cocoa.Her sister Kiara is drinking a pink lemonaide.My husband has his back to the camera, my son in law Tom is standing and our friend James is sitting at the table.My husband holding our grandson Thomas ( he loves to tease) there is my daughter Danielle hiding in the background. It was a very fun night, we had pizza and ice cream sandwiches(not very traditional) but all of my children except Danielle dont like cake so I fix something they personally like, it work's for us.


  1. Happy BIrthday Dustin - looks like everyone had a great time. sandie

  2. Happy Happy Birthday dear Dustin!! A wonderful birthday with his family around him! Perfect!

  3. wonderful photos and happy birthday to Dustin!!!!


  4. Hello Debbie!

    I just wanted to pop in and thank you for reading my blog. How tickled I was to see a new follower and how over joyed I am to have read your blog! Thank you for popping into my corner of cyberspace! -Suzanne

  5. Happy Birthday Dustin, My birthday was on Sunday March 7th, but I'm older than you!
    Everyone looks like they had a wonderful time getting together and celebrating.
    Take care and enjoy your day,
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  6. How wonderful, a birthday celebration. Joyeux anniversaire Dustin encore de nombreuses années à venir!

    Happy birthday Dustin and many more birthdays to come...

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. So nice you remembered that I started to follow you when I was a newbie.
    Going to have another give away (March Madness) in a few days. Be sure to check back.

  7. Hello Debbie,
    It's so nice to meet you! I really appreciate your kind visit to my blog. You are always welcome anytime sweet friend.

    Your blog is beautiful! Happy Birthday to Dustin. You have a lovely family and the photos are precious.

    ~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  8. Hi, Debbie. All those D's! How lovely you took such a D-lightful name for your blog!
    I hope Dustin had a wonderful birthday. I think it's fun to see families together to celebrate special days. Thanks for stopping by. It's always nice to meet another Debbie. :)

  9. Hi Debbie thanks for coming into my blog. I love to meet new people, and your blog is so full of warmth and sunshine I just had to comment.
    You have a lovely family, and I guess a month doesnt go by when it isnt someone's Birthday.
    So Happy Birthday to all, especially Dustin today. I wonder you find time to visit around, but as they say, ask a busy person. Hope to keep in touch Love

  10. Hello Debbie! Wishing Dustin a very Happy Birthday! Thank you for your sweet visit!!! Have a wonderful day!


  11. Hi Debbie! I was so happy to see I had a new follower. I really appreciate you stopping by and joining.

    I love the pictures on your blog. It looks like you have a wonderful family and your son had a great birthday celebration :)

    Stop back sometime soon! Once I get things rolling I plan to do some give aways!

  12. Who says every celebration has to be "traditional"?...I like your idea of using something everyone likes, instead of cake for the sake of cake:)Happy (belated) Birthday, Dustin!!!

  13. Beautiful family! Happy Belated birthday Dustin! I really love the fruit decor and that view you have...wow! Left me breathless. We never see snow so that was quite a treat for me.

  14. Sounds like a great celebration! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! Welcome!