Change of Heart!

I went to church today with an an open mind and heart, I found so much peace there. My husband apologized to me. I have went over so many thoughts of mine and know that I do love this man dearly. I reflected on what a friend blogger said, which has always been a saying in our family (This to shall pass) my fellow blogger is sweet Susan over at Writing Straight From The Heart.
All of you have showered me with so much love, I really feel blessed to have found you all. I am going to consentrate on me for awhile though and really do some changing in my life style.
1. I will get and stay busy.
2. I will not be negative.
3. I will get on my knees daily.
4. I will love Debbie.
5. Most importantly I will say  (What would Jesus Do).
I will continue to blog and I hope to get many many friends as dear as all of you are too me already, really you make my day, I always want to blog now, which is a good thing for me.


  1. I am really glad that things are working out. True, when we have serious problems it is a good idea to remember... "This too shall pass".. and that is how my mother said it too.
    Take care!
    Ladybug Creek

  2. Hi Debbie,

    I'm sorry I haven't kept up with your blog, but it sounds like you've had some issues. I'll send a prayer and some warm wishes your way in hopes that you'll be able to ease your mind. Have a great week.


  3. hello debbie! thanks for visiting my blog & following me! it sounds like we are dealing with many of the same issues in our life right now. it's not easy, but remember, you're not alone. there's a lot of us out here, and we can be here for each other. blogworld is a wonderful place full of wonderful people. just to be able to escape for a few minutes here & there can help your outlook sometimes. remember this - any changes you make should be for YOU, because YOU want to make them, not for someone else! take good care!

  4. Hi, Debbie :D...I totally agree with you on blogland, I feel that I have met and made some of the nicest people and the inspiration to create something and be something special for myself is what keeps me coming back. I hope you find all the joy your heart can hold, on this journey of self love and happiness! And come by anytime you need to chat, or just see something that might make you smile...I'm there if you need a shoulder!
    Hugs and Sunshine, Christine

  5. I found you because you stopped by my blog and followed me...thank you. I'm following you now because you are honest and write from the heart. After reading through your posts, I see you are dealing with some serious issues and my heart goes out to you. I will be praying for you and look forward to becoming friends!!

  6. Thankyou for joining my blog - it is so wonderful to meet you!! And thankyou for sharing what you did in this post - it has encouraged me imesruably as I am dealing with a number of stressful issues in my own life right now....bless you as you deal with yours! You are soo right "This too shall pass".....

  7. Hi Debs,
    Glad to hear things are better- "Things will keep on looking up as long as we keep on looking up"! Sounds like you are headed in the right direction.
    Sending you lovin, prayers and sparkly hugs of course!
    Tobi and the pixies!