I am Pleased!!!

This is my ram's head I have alway's dreamed of.There are still a few thing's that need to be finished, but from no cabinet's and no door's I am pleased, I can see some head way now. I have lived in this house since 2008 and have been very paitent.
This is my husband on the ladder with our employee Keith installing the cabinet's. My husband built, stained and installed our cabinet's.This will be our back splash, soon I hope.  Only it will just be the pure white fruit, with metal accent's. I will keep you all posted. Stay tuned in.


  1. Hi there Debbie from Debbie!!~ Thanks for coming by. Blogging is fun and such nice people I have met a long the way!!~ Hope to see you for my fun foto friday next week...start looking for pics to make us smile. P.S. Those easter dresses are adorable! ANd your kitchen is wow!~

  2. Just gorgeous! Oh my gosh, I'm drooling, it so beautiful! Congratulations.


  3. Your Kitchen is beautiful!! My husband and I run our own Kitchen manufacturing business in Australia. Your hubby has done a great job!!
    Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  4. that sooooooo pretty!!! I want a kitchen like that!!! mine looks like its stuck in the 70s! lol