Grand Daughter's Easter Dresses.

I sure hope my grand daughter's will like the dresses I made them yesterday. I didnt get Christmas dresses this last year, so I attoned by making Easter dresses.Front view.Back view.Front view hanging on my mantle.
This blogging has helped me so much, I really feel like doing thing's again. Thank you my dear friend's.


  1. your so creative :)
    i cant sew to save my life!!
    Your Kitchen looks WONDERFUL!!!!

  2. Lovely dresses. Funny thing, I thought of Easter dresses just today, wondering what my children will wear this year on Easter Sunday.

  3. I cannot believe that you made these. They are so beautiful. After reading your profile, it appears that you have a very busy life. How wonderful to have five children and five grandchildren...and then you make time to sew!!! Amazing. I'm very happy that you are following my blog. We appears to have a bit in common, you and I. It will be a pleasure to follow you, as well. Feel free to contact me at, if you ever just wish to chat!

  4. Good Morning Debbie,
    Thank you so much for visiting me at "Home is Where the Heart is".
    It's a pleasure to meet you!
    I have been reading many of your posts, You have such a special family, that shares so much love!. The dresses you made are adorable, I love them. I used to make dresses for my girls and then my grand-daughter when she was small, now she is 11 and she only wants to wear jeans!. I miss not having a little girl to sew for. So now I knit hats and sweaters for her and my grandson.
    Debbie your kitchen is to die for really pretty! I know what you mean about getting your house done last, my girls godfather is a Contractor and his wife says the same thing. LOL. How great it is to have your husband doing all the designing, it makes it even more special. Your home is lovely.
    I have become a follower so I can keep up with your postings.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  5. What lucky granddaughters--these are beautiful--I love the rick-rack. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog--made me smile :)!

  6. Oh they are so cute! I've got to get my machine out. You are an inspiration!

  7. So happy you found me out here in blogland so I could find you. Isn't it great getting to know all the darling women that have sites. I am so looking forward to our getting to know each other.
    Love the sweet dresses. I can not begin to tell you how me and a sewing machine do not think a like. It wants to do one thing and I want to do it the other way. lol
    Thanks for joining me and I am looking forward to being the newest follower of yours

  8. i wish i could do stuff like that!! im so jealous! lol jk! but very nice work!

  9. These are gorgeous! Lucky granddaughters!