"I Miss Mayberry". 8-7-11

I miss Mayberry, sitting on the front porch drinking ice cold cherry coke.......when everything was black and white na na na na........And everybody knew you by your first name.

When Sunday was a day of rest...now it's just another day of progress.oh it is the simple thing's my friend's that get us through our day to day strife.
I tell my grandchildren dont wish your life away it goes by fast enough.
I hope all of you have a peaceful Mayberry kind of day.
Love to all.....Debbie:)


  1. I miss mayberry too, when I used to sit on the porch with my grandma and watch the steady rain fall while she told me stories of the past....life does go by too fast. Thank you debbie for the kind words you left me, they have helped me very much...This week will be much better than last :o) Hugs and Love to you sweet friend!

  2. A porch swing and saddle shoes! I think you can still get them, but just isn't the same...

  3. Thank you Debbie!
    I am having a Mayberry kind of Sunday. I even took an afternoon nap. Ahhh!

    You have a wonderful, peaceful Sunday, too. Mayberry Style!


  4. I miss Mayberry too! While at a softball tournament this weekend, one of the parents told about visiting his Grandparents in a small "old timey" town! He talked about doing things we used to do when times were slower... I miss it too! Playing hide and seek, catching lightning bugs and eating cold watermelon under the old oak tree! AHHHHHH sweet memories! Enjoy your evening my friend, HUGS!

  5. Hi Debbie!
    I had a sort of Mayberry day.... spent looking at four hours of flea market booths and tables filled with things that could have built or designed the set of Mayberry!
    I love those old episodes.
    I just recently heard though that Aunt Bee was not the nice sweet lady that she appeared to be!
    Oh no, say it isn't so, right?!!!??

    Love your pictures here. Perfect visuals to accompany your post!

    Hope you weekend was a great one.

  6. these are nice photos, love all the special effects. Oh the memories....

  7. Hi Debbie,
    I stumbled upon your sweet blog through a friend's page.
    I too miss Mayberry. I can't help but wonder if WE are the Mayberry of today for our children/grandchildren? If when they visit our homes, they might find that innocence, slower-living, even a few lightning bugs? Hmmm...
    Thanks for the visit back in time to such a day and for the hope that I can bring some of that to my grandchildren.

  8. I remember when I was little everyone going to a family member's house after church and having a great lunch and just being together. Wish sometimes we could go back to though's day's. Hope you are having a wonderful day.