A tough day for me (sorry). 3-4-11

 Teaching a child is a lifetime of doing.
 The precious thing's a sweet girl bring's to a family.
 The girl who was going to set the world on fire.
 I knew of the pain and begged her to change her situation. But I drove off with her babies and she walked off with him...him the one who I try to forgive....him the one I have blamed but I have to blame her too. I really am trying hard to get a grip on the fact my daughter is just a mess and still love her anyway. What she has done is so against everything I stand for. I will go on with all the love in the world for her and her children...my precious grandchildren. At the funniest moment I will just cry for the pain that my daughter has caused...oh how our Father in Heaven must cry over us.
Pray for her my dear friend's that she will find her way back to us.


  1. this is such a sad thing. I am here if you ever need to talk to {sometimes strangers can help too!} I was once in a situtaion like this, I put my family through so much. It breaks my heart to know that I nearly gave my kids to my mother forever. I could have died, I was such an awful person. But now i smile, because I have recovered, and I am me again. Smiling and taking it one day at a time.


    im serious, if you ever need to talk, rant or just plain get your mind of things.

    email me.

  2. You have my prayers, as does your family...
    ♥ Warm Hugs Debbie ♥

  3. I understand completely. Those words "free agency" nearly kill us. We have to just remember that they are His children as well and He knows them better than we do. In the eternal scheme of things all will work out for their good. They will be back. So sorry for your pain. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You are in her life because you are the best one to help her through this.

    Peggy H .

  4. Prayers going upward for you and your daughter. xx

  5. Sorry to hear of your pain, sometimes you have to let go and let God, and it's very hard to do that, but I promise you if you do that, all will benefit...pray for his will in his time. I too have been in a situation where someone I loved was straying down the wrong path and it is so hard, also pray that God gives you the strenth to endure what you are going through...my prayers are with you and your family.
    -Kim :)

  6. This must be so hard!! Thinking of you!

  7. Thanks for following my blog. I'm following back. I was immediately attracted by your blog name. Here in Portland there are seven nurseries called Seven Dees, each owned by one of seven siblings whose names all start with D!

    On a deeper note, I read this post with such sympathy. Two of my own daughters have recently made some choices that have turned our lives upside down. So let's pray for all our daughters. God bless.

  8. what a big happy family! :) how lucky!

  9. Thanks for following,I'm following you as well.

    I felt so sad reading your post. It sounds like you are in a lot of emotional pain. I pray that things work out and your daughter gets better. But remember that God has a plan and we must trust in Him.

  10. Hi Debbie, sorry for your pain, I'm thinking of you.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!