"Saturday Cleaning" 1-29-11

I had an interesting day today...I cut my son's hair (both of them) and my grandson's...I remembered when I was a little girl I alway's wanted to go with my dad and brother's to the barber shop...I alway's wanted to shave too....what a weird little girl (hugh??)  One time I talked mom into letting me go to the next door neighbor's to get my hair cut with my brother....I came home with a pixie cut and my poor mom cried.
Oh saturday alway's seem's to be the cleaning day at our house!!!!
Today alot of laundry... I forget what it's like to have little one's around...clothe's shoved under the bed's etc../
Thank goodness for laundry basket's I think we fill up five now (after they are all folded) I really like to fold clothe's.(weird lady)
I dont like to do dishes so thank heaven's for my dish washer. Well I have had enough of this day and I will talk at you all later.
Remember the give away detail's are MOnday!!! Hope you will come back.Good night.

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  1. It's a busy day at your place. I love barber shops too. But my husband won't let him or the little lads into one. Because we don't do short hair in this house (apparently). I'll be sure to update my blog roll so I don't lose you. xx