Blog Giveawy. WinWinWinWinWinWin 1-31-11

 This is what you can win...just leave me a comment and 5 thing's your grateful for. I will leave this for a week before I draw name's out of a hat!!! I hope someone will try to be a winner...I love follower's.

 This is a book I thought maybe you could start a grateful book...I have and I am so grateful for you all.
 Oh we so often neglect ourselve's so I wanted to give you a time out... go file and polish away!!!!

 I thought since "Valentine's" was so close you could nibble on some chocolate while you write or file!!!


  1. Oh yes! You have come a long way! Congratulations. I too have just celebrated a one year blogging mark!

    Please do enter me in this draw! I am a Girly girl after all and love chocolate treats and painting my nails!

    Thanks for letting me know.

    Ciao Bella!
    Creative Carmelina

  2. Here are my five things for which I am grateful....

    1. Life
    2. Love
    3. Laughter
    4. Light
    5. Little things!

  3. Congratulations! Happy "Blogoversary" as some folks say. Gratefulness is an excellent topic. It's so easy to complain, but it seems to be a habit, really. I'd much rather focus on things to be thankful for.

    5 things I'm grateful for?
    ~ My relationship with the Lord
    ~ A husband who loves me
    ~ My two children, all grown up now and one with my first grandbaby on the way!
    ~ Our homestead
    ~ All the friends I make through blogging

  4. wow, only 5? well first and foremost, my friendships which have formed throughout my life, my loving family, my health and that of my family, for living in Canada, and I am very grateful for my sense of humor... which brings me to another one...I am eternally grateful for each and everyone whom has had more Pretty White Stuff fall in their area. We have been so very fortunate to only have had maybe 6" so far but it is coming today and that is OK too. I guess it's a good think I like to shovel also...
    Be always with shovels, wooops I mean stitches

  5. Congratulations! Always a pleasure to stop by and visit here, I never get tired of looking at beautiful photos of your beautiful, beautiful home.

  6. Hello! I saw that you were following my blog and I wanted to take a peek over here and say hi.

    I love the idea of a Thankful Journal -- we use one every Thanksgiving, but in all honesty should be using one daily. Even though times can be tough, we could all use the reminder that we are blessed.

    I am grateful for so many things in my life, but my top five would have to be:

    1) I am a child of God
    2) My husband, daughter and extended family
    3) My four-legged children
    4) My "always have my back" friends
    5) sweets!

    I could go on and on, but you said only 5!

    Have a blessed day! -- Jill

  7. Me, me, me please.
    I am grateful for: my husband, my life, family, friends and being here in blogland.

  8. Hi Debbie

    5 things I am grateful for are:

    1. Finding friends through blogging
    2. The weather warming up
    3. Being with my husband when he works from home
    4. Playing with my dogs on the garden
    5. Having great neighbours (who bring round cupcakes just because they made some)

    Love Bee Happy x

  9. Hi lovely lady.
    I'm grateful for Jesus looking over me and my family, my loveing husband and best friend of 24 years,my three Son's and two
    Daughten-in-law's both sweet ladies of my heart,and the Best Grandson Cody !!! Also all my friends love them all.~~~~110 Thanks so much.

  10. It's hard to limit myself to five things to be grateful for, but here goes:
    Family, faith, friends, freedom, and books.

    Your husband did a great job making the cabinets. Your kitchen is lovely.

    Donna V.

  11. Hi Debbie, thank you for your nice comment and your kind invitation to win some goodies.
    But first I have to congratulate you !!!
    5 things I am grateful for are:
    My 2 children
    My famely
    My cats
    And chocolate

  12. Congratulations!!! How nice to celebrate your blog birthday with such a nice and generous give away.I am grateful for 1)My salvation and relation with the Lord. 2)My wonderful husband of 40 years 3)My children and grandchildren 4) The creative side of my personality 5)My friends