Oh I went shopping again and found so many cute thing's (I have to make).   I couldnt resist these cute pattern's, now I have to find the right fabric for the outftit's.( for Autumn Fern).
I found some darling flannel that I will make two little recieving blanket's with.
I found some tricot to make (silkies) for Waylon and Autumn. The other grand children all have had one made from granny.
The beautiful buttterfly fabric will be for a crib quilt for (Autumn Fern).
I am still working on another quilt(I was going to tie it but decided to quilt it).
Oh I hope all of you are all well and doing a fun project or just enjoying yourself's.
Love ya all!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What beautiful buys!!! Lovely patterns and gorgeous fabrics!! Autumn Fern will be a very lucky little treasure!!! Already loved so much!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love love love all that fabric that you got. I adore fabric. I purchase fabric. I stare at it...and stare again. I don't know how to sew,,a dream of mine to one day learn..so I buy fabric,,lol

  3. Hi, I've really enjoyed having a read of your blog. love the butterfly fabric and the pretty mugs further down :)

    Take care

  4. Love the fabric, yes I am working on a project just for me the Mckenna Ryan patterns; Faith, Hope, Love. I have finished seven of the nine and hope to finish the other two soon. Have a wonderful day!!!!

  5. That is a really cute pattern. All the fabrics are lovely. Looks like you will be busy.

  6. Wow, I'm so impressed you do all that. What a treasure for your grandchildren to have keepsakes like that. Debbie, be sure and show us the finished projects!

  7. Lovely fabric...your projects will be great! But I must ask because I have never heard of "silkies", what that might be? Sincerely, Cathy

  8. Love the fabric; can't wait to see the finished project!!!

  9. Aren't grandkids the greatest?! Gorgeous fabric!!