Bus Driver,Bus Driver, Open the Door!!!!!

Did I ever mention I was a bus driver for 10 year's for the Jordan School District in Sandy Utah. I had a good time driving bus and got really close with the student's. I first drove for the regular student's on Bus #36,Then I was promoted to Bus #75, and then I went special ed with Bus #124. I really loved my job. I have gained so many precious memories from those children and they left imprint's in my heart.


  1. What a great job!! I can tell you loved it!!!

  2. Hello Dear Dee, First I Thank you for your visit. I love this post, only this afternoon I said to myself... "We can teach the children and in return we can learn from them" thinking this as my motherhood memories :)
    In the 10yrs working as a bus driver for the schools you must have some very cherished memories and so glad you took on the work.
    I love the pics you posted with the bus driver above :)
    Wishing you a wonderful day,
    Brenda, xhugx :)